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How Do You Prove Age Discrimination?

Share Your Story: Share Your Age Discrimination Story

By James Kerr

How I was discriminated against

I have applied online for many different companies. I sent out my resumes.

I have a near perfect work record. I am 54 year old male. Healthy, and I feel young. I like to work. I enjoy people and have professional experience at my old company for 18 years. The problem seems to be when I put my age on the job application. I never hear back from anyone. I think they see my age and get scared, but I have to fill the age section out to be able to send it. It is illegal on a document to lie about my age. I have also applied in person at businesses - fillout the form with my age. I am told "sorry" or never hear back.

What to do?

What it's like being an older or younger job seeker

I am 54. Male. It really stinks! I never thought I would have this problem finding work. What can I do to get work when everyone wants my age, yet it is illegal to discriminate because of age. How can a guy possibly prove age discrimination when everyone asks for your age and you have to fill it in on their job forms?

I might lose my house soon because of this. No money coming in. Expensive to drive around looking and wasting time. Bills don't stop. I made good money in the past and still want to. I am even back in college for my Architectural degree.

I have raised a family and have had personnel disasters and accidents. Yet I am healthy and motivated good work professional.

This situation is terrible for me! I have given back to society and paid my taxes. Can society help me? I feel very let down! I can't even get unemployment, but a lot of bums out there can!

Lessons Learned

  • Nothing yet. I read the law about job discrimination - age. It seems like a catch 22 to me. How does one prove age discrimination? Especially online or even at the industry you, in person, apply for. I have have learned it is almost useless to even try and find a job over 50! The laws need to be fixed so employers can't discriminate like this. Alot of us enjoy working. I need even more income in a more expensive world. Maybe this is why surveys show less people are even looking for work. I know now what it feels like. It sucks being older person now!

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