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Giving Up the Job Search

Share Your Story: Share Your Age Discrimination Story

By Pen

How I was discriminated against

I was able to obtain a position in a totally different sector of business because I took Workforce Development training in another field. However, when I started work among a small group of 6 people, I noticed I was the oldest there. I was shunned, ignored or spoken to in a demeaning way by a few key people who seemed to have "power" within the group (all younger). Mistakes made by others were covered up or laughed about yet became the subject of harsh criticism if I made the same human error. I was terminated 28 days before my 1st year anniversary for violating company policy. I am now fighting them in court.

What it's like being an older or younger job seeker

Some time ago, a headhunter contacted me, said there was a good position with a well-known company in NY, and asked if she could submit my resume. I agreed. Once it was submitted, the company immediately called back and said they wanted me to do a phone interview ASAP. During my phone interview, I was told, "You're perfect for the job! It fits you to a T!" The company then scheduled an in-house interview because they couldn't wait to meet me. I arrived in HR and suddenly, the jaw dropped. (BTW: I look 10 years younger than my age, am attractive and dress professionally.) From that point on, it all went downhill. How is it that they saw my resume, conducted a phone interview and were "hot" to get me in there for an interview but then told the recruiter -- after they met me -- "She's overqualified?"

Lessons Learned

  • No wonder there are so many new Social Security recipients. They can't find jobs and have to retire, even when they don't want to.
  • The government doesn't seem to monitor or care to monitor companies who are given tax breaks and who are violating age discrimination laws.
  • No one seems to be helping those discriminated against with legal assistance to stop unfair practices. They offer agencies but the agencies don't take your case because there's no funding for this type of issue.
  • Even if you performed the self-help advice given here for interviews or cover letters, they STILL don't hire you.

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