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3 Oldest Women Let Go Due To "Restructuring"

Share Your Story: Share Your Age Discrimination Story

By Elaine Fahrenfeld

How I was discriminated against

Worked for a computer software company for 9 years and loved my job. It was sold to a company from California. Three months into the new ownership, the 3 oldest women were let go due to "restructuring".

I sought help from the Civil Rights Bureau in Paterson and just short of 3 years, they decided that I did not have enough proof of age discrimination. They said that I had to hear someone say that they were going to get rid of the older workers.

HELLO - the proof is that they got rid of the three oldest women in the company where we all worked in the same department BUT kept the young 21 year old from same dept.

What it's like being an older or younger job seeker

Seeking new employment as an older worker is a very unpleasant experience. Why don't these companies see us as dependable, conscientious, and experienced workers? They wouldn't have to worry about us taking time off to attend to young children or calling in sick because a child is sick and cannot go to school.

Lessons Learned

  • I have learned that it is almost impossible to prove age discrimination in the workplace!

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