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Reader Stories: Share Your Age Discrimination Story


Please Note: This document has been updated, please share your story here: Age Discrimination Stories 2014

Targeted While Teaching

The two students discovered their money was missing when they were going to lunch around noon time. When the students returned from lunch around 1pm, they contacted security unbeknownst to me request…More

Almost 55 and Looking for a Job

Very degrading. Your know you have the skills and great work history but employers don't see the work ethics - they see the age and how long you will be on the job. Most young people won't stay over …More

No One Cares

I worked for 31 years. Now I should die. No wants to hire me. This is the USA. Once you're in your 50's+, they don't want to hire you. I lost my job and my home. Who cares? No one in the USA. I am al…More

Employers Don't Hire Older, College-Educated Workers

It makes you want to start your own companyIt is very frustrating when there are not enough jobs for college educated older people.When I was working often would get drill from co-workers trying to f…More

Employers See My Cane and Write Me Off

No matter how much I emphasize my experience, flexibility, ability to learn new things and the fact that, as an older woman with grown children, I have less drama in my life, all employers seem to wa…More

Be Prepared to Lower Your Expectations in This Global Job Market

I've had four interviews, after sending out close to 100 applications. From what I read on this blog, that is a very good statistic. To be honest, I think one or two were really just to satisfy HR's …More

No Tattoo, No Face Piercing, No Job

What was it like being young in 1979 -- all the people they were hiring were in their 50's and you needed to have respect, experience and education. Today, I have all that and the age to go with it b…More

The Company Cancelled My Appointment and Interviewed a 20-Something Instead

I need to work and I want to work. I have a 3 year old daughter who is our "bonus baby." I plan on working until at least she is out of college. I feel ripped off, and very offended that the company …More

Snow on the Roof, But Fire in the Kitchen

When they call you to come in for an interview, they're excited, but when you walk in and they see your wrinkles and gray hair, all of a sudden, they're speechless. All of a sudden, the job they were…More

Employers Won't Give Older Workers a Chance

If you are older, people think you'll resign within a few years, which is not the case. I really don't know what they think but they do not want to give you a chance. They think you are too old or th…More

No Full-Time Jobs for Older Workers

It's degrading, as I have always worked. I feel like a scrounger or am made to feel like one, maybe that's just my self respect being tested.Signing on even for a few short months messes everything u…More

Employers Don't Want to Pay for Experience

I am an older (57 soon to be 58) job seeker and have NEVER been treated the way I've been treated now. I never used to have any problem getting a job, but the tables have been turned for us experienc…More

I Was Too Old for Them

It is a very depressing thing looking for employment as a older job seeker!I mean how dare some of today's companies discriminate, just because a person may be over their desired age for hiring.If an…More

Twenty Somethings Are Cheap Labor

It's definitely demeaning and frustrating to be older and having lost your job to a bad market. One knows one has more experience and wisdom than the younger workers, and a sense of loyalty to an emp…More

I Feel Patronized as an Older Job Seeker

I feel patronized as an older job seeker. A woman about ten years younger than I held the seat for me in the interview room. Another receptionist called me "dear", Another interviewer, the only one o…More

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