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Reader Stories: Share Your Age Discrimination Story


Please Note: This document has been updated, please share your story here: Age Discrimination Stories 2014

Companies Should be Punished for Age Discrimination

It's frustrating. Your age should not matter. People work at later ages in life today. I don't believe that a company should be allowed to hold that against these people and something should be done …More

Told to My Face That I was Too Old

I worked all my life, loved my job at Publix. Now I feel useless and alone. I have never been so unhappy. My work has always defined me and I have been dedicated to whatever I did. I have become old …More

One Look and the Interview Ends Quickly

As soon as I get face to face with the interview people, you can see in their eyes that I am not the person they thought I was. Over the phone I am told that the interview will last for about an hour…More

Losing My Self-Confidence with Each Letdown

At 59 years old and seeking a job, I am losing my self-confidence with each letdown. I feel that when and IF I do find a job I'm going to be very intimidated, due to my feeling of being rejected so m…More

Always Hopeful

I am always hopeful. I have had interviews, but they do not call back or they hire someone else. Usually, I have to send out 300 resumes to get one call or email. I live in Chicago, but now I look al…More

Young HR Managers Condescend to Older Applicants

Being an older job seeker is frustrating, if I had a £1.00 for every job I have applied for never mind been interviewed for I would be rich. Interviewees especially HR managers, who are usually …More

Vibrant and Energetic but Unwanted because of My Age

As an older job seeker you have accumulated large amounts of debt, mostly in the form of your mortgage and other monthly debts. In addition, your opportunities for employment have dwindled, meaning t…More

A Terrible Way to End My Career

It is difficult. I have been out of work for almost 5 months, applying for anything that might work. I have been sent surveys following my application in which they ask me how old I am. I do not comp…More

The Interviewer Said "You've Been Around the Block"

It is a depressing situation and makes one feel worthless. I also detest the insulting way potential employers give excuses as to why you are not worthy of a position within their company.I also feel…More

The Government Won't Tackle Age Discrimination

I am now once again unemployed, I am applying for professional jobs and lower-end service jobs as well since I have absolutely ZERO income with my unemployment now maxed out. I cannot seem to make it…More

The Application Asked if I Was Over 45

Depressing. The work ethic of the older community appears to be far exceeding younger applicants but insurance and higher salaries edge us out of a job before we are ready or even can, retire. We are…More

Award-Winning Designer Can't Get a Teaching Position

It is disheartening to know that with all the skills and knowledge purposefully acquired I cannot even get a teaching position as instructor.I do still freelance when possible, however, this is becom…More

Age Discrimination is a National Crisis

Frustrating and humiliating. At 59, you have to pretend to be younger, and never give solid answers, just dumb down. I walk in to meet a 25 yr old who has never done anything in their life, besides t…More

Employers Do the Math and Figure I'm Too Old

IT SUCKS being an older job seeker. No one wants to PAY for the experience and education I have nor thinks they can benefit from it! I've taken any temp I can although at min wage or slightly over as…More

Over 50? Good Luck Finding a Job!

When applying for a job, I send in my resume, careful not to include dates. I state the amount of years I've worked at previous employers, my attributes, accomplishments for the companies I've worked…More

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