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Scam by Robert Denise, Art Seller

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By clt46

Name of the Business or Company

Robert Denise, art seller

Company URL (if known)

Robert Denise

Where I Saw Their Listing, or How They Found Me

They found me in a job board that I had posted my resume on. Not sure which one because there are so many that have my resume.

Copy/ Paste Company Email


Sep 25 (4 days ago)

to me

great job & nice pay.reply

Why I Think It's a Scam

This person contacted me via email. From AOL first then from his name95@ gmail. Now today his name70@gmail. When I open the email Gmail says its a phishing attack. Also this person claims to be an art seller who is out of the country most of the time and needs someone to get his mail, deliver stuff and go shopping for him and to send items to him for $888 per week. This last email stated he would send me a week's pay and I would have to send him the difference. I believe its a total scam because of the constant email changes, and the 'too good to be true it probably is' type thing. There are tons of things on scam book reported about this same guy doing the same thing to many different people with a total of almost $23,000.00


  • Do not reply to his emails. Report him right away if you get contacted by him. I have not lost any money but I am going to turn him into the FBI if I do receive anything from him via FEDEX like he stated he would send.

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