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Nova Medical Center Scam

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By Scammedbysomeone

Name of the Business or Company

Nova Medical Center

Where I Saw Their Listing, or How They Found Me

They found me on INDEED

Copy/ Paste Company Email

Congratulations, Your resume has been reviewed and you have made it to the NEXT STEP for the job opening. Your resume was shortlisted for an online interview with the personnel manager Ms Sarah Cornor via yahoo messenger with the following email address ( sarahcornor474@yahoo.com ). Add her to your buddy list and send her an IM, on sarahcornor474@yahoo.com she will be online waiting for you ASAP to conduct the interview for you. Your swift responses matters a lot in this position.

Yours Truly, Hiring Manage

Why I Think It's a Scam

First thing that made me wonder is when they texted me telling me the same thing they sent via email. that should have been a red flag but I was naive and curious so I went along with it. They asked me to add them on Yahoo and I did. She said she was from Nova Medical Center. I Googled and saw that there is Nova Medical Center here in Atlanta. So I added the person sarahcornor474@yahoo.com the gave me a job description, promised $30 an hour (ANOTHER RED FLAG). Soon she said you we will send you a check to purchase your material. I would have to deposit the check in my account then contact them. I asked for a phone number. She says that information will come in the FED EX package with the check...WHO DOES THIS? I told her I didn't have a bank account she states "Have one open by today." That is when I busted her and called her a SCAM ARTIST and posted the same emails someone else received that was similar to mine in the chat box. She never replied.


  • If it sounds too good to be true. It most likely is. Jobs don't text you. Jobs usually call and speak with you not conduct chat interviews. Jobs do not rush you to create a banking account and last but not least GOOGLE IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! USE IT!

Alison Doyle, About.com Job Searching, says:

Thanks for suggesting Google. Hopefully, people will find your scam example via search and figure out that someone is trying to scam them.

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