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By ArellaMarie

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I received an email regarding work at home opportunities.

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20 New Customer Service Reps Jobs in Detroit, MI

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 12:12 PM



Why I Think It's a Scam

I think this is a scam because, the start off telling you about the jobs making $13.00 an hour. Then they ask you are you near your computer. If you say, they ask you to go to your computer and pull up as website the website she directed me to was goskills.co once there she provided me with the access code which opened up another page asking about if you wanted to finish your education. I explained that I was currently attending school and ask could we just skip this part. She said that filling this part out would make the jobs take a closer look at me and the often help pay or school. So I filled out that portion and it gave me the same school, where currently I attend. She told me to click on at least three (3) schools. When I said no I did not wanted any one to call and speak to me about my education because I was happy where I am...She hung up before I could get finished speaking.


  • If you are looking for a work at home job you should not have to go to any websites regarding your education. I felt like had I done so, I would have been called forever and she is the one who would be making money. Just hang up should this ever happen.

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