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Submit an Entry: Post a Job Scam

By 14burdock

Name of the Business or Company


Company URL (if known)


Where I Saw Their Listing, or How They Found Me

They found me through posting a faulty help wanted ad.

Copy/ Paste Company Email

Hello, Thank you for expressing your interest in this positon. I am very interested to learn more about you. Can you please fill out our online application, and then we can schedule a meeting? You will need to enter your Name, Email, and ApplicantID to login to the website. Please use the following to enter the online application system: Email: s ApplicantID: 106525. The link to the online application system is: http://gt-staffing.com/applicants.php?email=*******@aol.com&id=106525. You may also enter the application system by navigating your browser directly to our website gt-staffing

Why I Think It's a Scam

I got a email from this person. I goggled the company name. Nothing. Then I went on the actual website, I clicked on contact us and about us there's no physical address or phone number, only an e-mail option in order to contact them.


  • I'm leary of this because I have gotten several of these attempts to scam job seekers. My advice is google the company. Go to the actual company website and look for a address. Also, you can check with the BBB. If it doesn't come up on google alone that's a red flag for me. Also, most interested employers call the candidate. Although I have been contacted thorough email only but It had the company name, phone number and extension, and address. No address, and I'm not talking about a P.O box a real physical address has to be included or i think it's a scam.

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