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GST AG Global Sourcing and Trading

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By Jonathan F.

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GST AG Global Sourcing and Trading

Where I Saw Their Listing, or How They Found Me

They probably found me through career builder

Copy/ Paste Company Email

Dear Jonathan, On behalf of our Headquarter and local US office, I' pleased to offer you employment with the Company. This letter is written to confirm that we would like to employ you as a "Purchasing Manager" in the department of Procurement and Customer Service. This offer details you will find from attached papers. Your anticipated employment start date is contingent on the successful completion of your background screening and other factors. The official letter of employment is a file under yours name. Our company's information, as your employer, is listed in attached file About Us. You should use that file

Why I Think It's a Scam

The job is said to pay up to 80k in base pay not including the potential commissions. During the trial period, they ask for a credit card of yours that has a balance so that they can credit the money to the account. With the credited money, you can begin to complete assignments given by supervisor. In my case the supervisor would be Melinda Woods. They provided two addresses, one in Brooklyn, NY and one in Gubelstrasse Zurich. I happen to currently work for a legitimate Swiss Company so my colleague called one of her very good colleagues of 25 years and he flat out said that the Zurich address was fake.


  • If you believe that it's too good to be true, than it is. At first I didn't think it was bogus just because of the grammatical errors because having worked with people in Switzerland and Germany, English isn't their primary language so I didn't question it. There were just too many factors that I couldn't explain so I backed away.

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