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Data Entry from Home from Bayer Pharmaceuticals Scam

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By Diane

Name of the Business or Company

Data Entry from Home from Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Company URL (if known)


Where I Saw Their Listing, or How They Found Me

They found me through craigslist, because supposedly I submitted my resume on there. They sent me an email. This is similar to another posting, but with a different company.

Copy/ Paste Company Email


The Bayer Pharmaceutical Company has reviewed your resume uploaded on CRAIGSLIST/RESUME/JOB WANTED. We believe you have the required qualifications.

Job Payment: $25-$30 per hour

Training Payment: $9-$10 per hour

Benefits and Compensations: Health, Dental, Life and AD&D Insurance, Employee Wellness and 401k plans.Paid Time Off and Holidays with Generous Company Discounts

(Mrs Vick Innocent) would like to conduct an online Briefing and Interview with you ASAP to discuss more about the Job Position that you are yet to occupy.

Set Up a Screen name with yahoo Instant Messenger online at ( WWW.messenger.

Why I Think It's a Scam

Well, I already fell for it. The thing is, I went to deposit the cashier's check into the bank and the bank held the check because it looked suspicious. It was sent from another company and there was no phone number on there. Also, the account number could not be verified. The bank called me after I got home and told me it was fraudulent.


  • Don't do a job that requires you to use Yahoo messenger. They should be calling you and setting up a time to meet. Don't deposit checks that aren't from the company they "represent."

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