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Reader Submissions: Post a Job Scam


Please note: This document has been updated. Please share your scam information here:
Top Internet Job Scams 2014

Disclaimer: These reviews were submitted by About.com users and were not written by the About.com Guide to Job Search. Please remember that reviews are the opinion of the reviewer only, if you have a different opinion please feel free to submit your own review.

Nikyr Estates Limited Scam

Work from home, requires you to wire transfer money using one's own account. They do not provide much information about the company and themselves. Their fake names cannot be found online. No custome…More

Craigslist NRS (National Retail Systems Inc) Scam

This is too good to be true. Cannot be trusted!!!Here's the whole email: I got your resume and it has been reviewed by Human Resources. I am happy to inform you that after close consideration with yo…More

Ship Land LLC Package Shipping Scam

I went through the same thing, I received two packages for which I have the documents for, I had some trouble with the instructions, and when I was able to ship the packages back out, I never heard f…More

MS Recruitment Scam

After being suspicious of the company I did research and found that other have gotten a check for just under $2000 with instructions to use some of it for the Mystery shop and transfer the remaining …More

Nhs Healthcare Inc Scam

Had to set up a yahoo messenger account. Afte going through the email the interviewer made me wait "on hold" for almost 3 hours while they forwarded our conversation to the manager. Also the question…More

China Fortune Intern

Domain white pages says the aforementioned URL was created Jan 22 2014. Less than a month ago! After applying on a friday afternoon, I was emailed right away to set up an interview. Most companies ta…More

Ship Land LLC, Rickol Express, AC Shipping LLC, Top Shipping Inc Scams

I started working for them. I received and shipped some packages. Then, I was locked out of my Task Manager Account. I called and emailed them everyday for five days. No one answered my phone calls, …More

QLM Company Scam

Total SCAM, they send you a request via Odesk and you need to go on to interview on Yahoo Messenger. The person doing the interview is so called Mrs. Tracy Robin (the hiring manager of QLM Company). …More

Maeda & Co. LTD Scam

I get a text on my phone on 1/5/14 asking me what my name was and I asked who wanted to know and he replied that he was Joseph Cole with the Maeda & Co LTD and saw my resume online and if I intereste…More

Evence LTD Scam

While job searching, I sent my resume to dozens of places, however it was the company Evence LTD- a furniture retailer from Texas- that really stood out to me. After sending them my resume, "MICHAEL …More

Kalobios Pharmaceutical Scam

Initial contact was via email instructing me to sign onto Yahoo Messenger and add Grace Lovel, and she would contact me. She did within minutes of me signing on and even changed my status from invisi…More

Market Source Inc.

No payment for work performed. Job Type: Full-time/Part timewww.uawithya.com Description Position: Customer Service Representative/Customer service provider!!! Job Snapshot /Description We are seekin…More

Mailspread.com Package Forwarding Scam

It's DEFINITELY A SCAM. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THEM. They buy merchandise with stolen credit cards and then have you ship them overseas. You become a shipping mule for them, after all that they adv…More

GPS Freight Scam

There is no information about this company that I can find other than other people's experience with it being a scam, there is no link to a company website even though they claim they have clients wh…More

Mailspread.com / High Quality Delivery

Daniel Adam Lopez hr@mailspread.comm.blauch@mailspread.comKevin Hernandez payroll@mailspread.com I shipped packages for this company out of the country. I spoke to them on the phone, checked the webs…More

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