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Reader Submissions: Post a Job Scam


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Top Internet Job Scams 2014

Disclaimer: These reviews were submitted by About.com users and were not written by the About.com Guide to Job Search. Please remember that reviews are the opinion of the reviewer only, if you have a different opinion please feel free to submit your own review.

Datel E-books & Data Technology Inc. Scam

I already read about this in www.jobsearch.about.comBranch Office: Minrebroederstraat 714, 45512 Utrecht, The Netherlands. Email: info@Dateldata.com http://www.Dateldata.com Employment ContractDated:…More

Freelance-Time is a Scam

They say the job is receiving money into my bank account and then forwarding same to the "clients." Stated reason for doing this is that banks take too long to process transfers.They promised full be…More

Piramal Heathcare LTD Admin Assistant Scam

The jobs sound legitimate, even have real looking websites. I didn't figure it out until I googled the business. Big red flag you have to send money Western Union before you can even start working. T…More

Purchasing Manager/Agent Scam

No one answers the phone, they request information from you with different hot mail addresses. Here is what the ad looks likeHello! We noted your interest in our Purchasing Manager/Agent vacancy, whi…More

Datamatics Systems Inc Scam on Craigslist

After doing a task I received a check for $2500.00 to purchase office supplies. His yahoo ID is already on here as DEPTHIRE 106 or 108 messenger ID and under a different company name. After I lied an…More

Craigslist is a Haven for Scammers

Just doesn't seem right? No other contact information or actual website. Had to dig a little till basically I answered my own question and below is the link they sent me from the message above.Here i…More

Data Entry from Home from Bayer Pharmaceuticals Scam

Well, I already fell for it. The thing is, I went to deposit the cashier's check into the bank and the bank held the check because it looked suspicious. It was sent from another company and there was…More

Novaltis Job Scam on Craigslist

Most companies complete a credit check on you. He gave no company name, address,or phone number. He responded within one hour and claimed to narrow the applicants from fifteen down to six in one hour…More

Chevron Oil and Gas LAGOS (Mark David ) Scam

I contacted the Chevron home office and they this guy is a fraud. I sent them a copy of the job offer and they confirmed that this guy is fraudulent. I have googled this combination (chevron oil and …More

Able Market Research Scam

I deposited the check into my account and my bank instantly shut my account down because of this. I almost went to court because of this fake company. I knew it looked weird. They sent me a check and…More

Clevorsult Systems Scam on Craigslist

At first none, then the check they sent for 'supplies' and my first week of training didn't arrive, despite Fedex site saying it had been delivered. I continued to log on and do the 'tasks'. A week l…More

Qlimax Consulting Scam Destroyed My Bank Account

After submitting an application, they claimed to do a background check and then hired me. After being hired they gave me a training assignment which consisted of using Western Union to transfer small…More

Solcan Consulting, McGregor's Company Scam

Re: resume FROM: Solcan Consulting TO Message flagged Wednesday, January 11, 2012 12:12 PMYour phone manager Fred Larsson has tried to contact you over the phone. Please feel free to give him a call …More

CoreSense and Career Source Staffing Scam

customercare@scoresense.com and Complete@CareerSourceStaffing.com. Both these companies are using the internet to first get job seeking people to use their site and then be told they need a credit ch…More

Sciedit.cn on Hotmail

Requested photocpy of documents and could not provide with references of people "working" for themFrom: 王松 To: (me) Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 8:05 PMSubject: part time editor Dear…More

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