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I Got Sick, Then Fell Asleep

Share Your Story: Bad Interview Stories

By TiffanyBradshaw

What Happened During The Interview?

I got sick, then fell asleep.

How Did the Interview Turn Out?

Tiffany’s funny story/bad interview with Dow Chemical. Before I graduated from Michigan State, I went to interview with Dow Chemical in Midland Michigan, I drove there, arrived at the group dinner late and ordered the prime rib, I heard a “titter” from the group and when I pressed them, they all said “nothing”, so I kept my order and ended up with a terrible case of food poisoning that struck at 8:15am (fist meeting was 8:00) and it kept me on the hard couch in the ladies room and out of interviews all day. It turns out that a candidate had ordered the prime rib the week before and had also gotten very ill. That story had been told prior to my arrival.

I was rescheduled to return to interview another week and after a long school week and a long drive, I was exhausted the day of the interview. It was a grueling full day schedule 8-5 with about 6 (1-hour) interviews scheduled. I was doing well until after lunch I hit a gentleman that I had known from the on-campus recruiting efforts over the years, so he decided not to “interview” me but to tell me the history of Dow Chemical— ad nauseam so I found myself getting very sleepy. Sleepy to the point where I knew that I was in bad shape and that I was about to fall asleep no matter how hard I tried to stay awake. I warned my interviewer, asked for some coffee, drank it and promptly feel fast asleep. I woke up with a start and jumped in my seat, and I even yelled a bit. By the way my interviewer looked at me and I knew at that point that I was a done deal. Needless to say, I didn’t get a job offer from Dow.


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