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Reader Stories: Bad Interview Stories


Have you had a really bad job interview or have you interviewed a candidate who would win the bad interview prize? Share your bad interview story and read bad interview stories submitted by other About.com readers.

Show Some Respect

At the end of the interview he initially said he had more candidates to interview .I was polite and shook his hand and he said he would get back to me so I could go on a tour.I declined the second in…More

The Interview Felt Like an Inquisition

I'm still waiting for the results. I noticed the next day that "peers" who sat on the panel were not making eye contact with me. I'm ready to look elsewhere - the climate of support is lacking for th…More

Unprofessional First Interview

I arrived 10 minutes early and approached a worker at the cashier register. He said the manager will be with me in just a minute. I saw her running around the store so I browsed around and looked at …More

This Job Interview was Just Plain Weird

I didn't get the job. After they explained that sometimes I would have to go out and "tag cougars in the parking lot", and I asked if anyone ever got bit...then they said they were already dead...wel…More

My Salary Expectations Were Way Too High

I was perfectly matched with the experience and qualifications they were looking for, but this one slip of the tongue make a good experience turn into a instant nightmare. I realized it immediately a…More

The Interviewer Was My Former Classmate

The post was a marketing assistance and if accepted, I had to work with the marketing director and the director was my former classmate She said I was too qualified for the job .I don't think so beca…More

Bashed With Negative Comments

The interview turned out a complete nightmare. And I am someone that does not have nightmares, but on this day I did. I got bashed with negative comments by both a director and a supervisor. An inter…More

Missed the Call from the Interviewer

My family and I were going out to Northgate Mall to do some shopping then we got back. I checked the caller ID on my answering machine. It was from Sweden but they didn't leave any message at all. I …More

Open Interview With Six Other Candidates

Well I was the last but one to be sent home and I am glad I didn't have the job although I needed a job. Interviews has to be one on one not an open plan competition. The first lady who was sent home…More

I Had to Flag a Guard Down

So I get to the interview room and the interviewers came in and didn't even think about offering me anything to drink so I am trying to think and talk with extreme dry mouth. After the first intervie…More

Interviewer Forgot About the Interview

Fresh out of Medical Office Assistant school I went to apply to several doctor's offices. I got a phone call right away asking me to come in for the interview the following day. So I went there. I in…More

Small Resume Mistake

Then the last interviewer found a small mistake on my resume. Very small, but big in a way! The date was wrong. Anyway, I knew I was dead in the water after he found that mistake. But anyway, I never…More

Lady Gaga and SAT Scores

(Keep in mind, being asked for your SAT score is really stupid because I'm not in high school anymore. It's been so long that my SAT score isn't even measured in the same numbers as present day! 1600…More

The Hiring Manager Was a Jerk

Obviously I didn't get the job. He already sized me up and clearly didn't Iike me. He was interrupting me and not giving me the time of day to complete my thoughts. He was also in HR, so I'm sure he …More

Wacky Interview Makes for a Good Story!

This was one of my first interviews out of college, so I should have seen the warning signs. Calling me at 11pm is unacceptable. It shows they will call you around the clock. Meeting at a fast food p…More

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