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Reader Stories: Bad Interview Stories


Have you had a really bad job interview or have you interviewed a candidate who would win the bad interview prize? Share your bad interview story and read bad interview stories submitted by other About.com readers.

The Interviewer Couldn't Have Cared Less

Not well - was notified the next week that I didn't make the second round of interviews. Honestly though, it was an atrocious sales opportunity and taking it would have been a major step backwards...…More

The Interview was Cancelled Without Notice

The interview never happened. The next day he had emailed me back to apologize and hired someone else. I never had a chance to meet him or show him my work. I was very upset about it and it was a was…More

The Interviewer Asked if I Smoked

The interviewer was pretty blunt about looking for a non-smoker to fit in with all the current smokers in the office. I realized early on that I wasn't being considered. Which was a good thing, becau…More

Unprepared for the Interview

Horrible,I passed on 2 questions and felt like it was a huge waste of time. The questions they asked were not being asked to gain a better understanding of me as an individual, it was used to i think…More

The Recruiter Did Me a Favor

After 5 minutes he stopped the discussion and said, "We can't use you." I wasn't too upset since this seemed like a long shot, but was curious why."Because," he said, "You think too much for yourself…More

The HR Person from Hell

After about 15 minutes I completely shut down. I was still pleasant and answered her questions but knew then I would not work there if I was offered the job.She asked if there was anything that might…More

Accused of Having Fake Documents

If I was going to falsify my papers maybe I should choose B.S. Education, so that I am fitted for the position.The conversation so ridiculous. I told him that you don't have the right to say this to …More

Interviewed by a Jerk Who Didn't Read My Resume

Just kept stringing me along . The employer acted like a complete jerk asking me "How did I pass my course at university for a condo manager?" and said, "You are just like a heart surgeon out of scho…More

The Interviewer Told Me It Was a Terrible Place to Work

Well I arrived in my neat suit, polished shoes, copy of my C.V and certificate and professional membership proof. The Team manager was not there and had left message he had been called away. The only…More

The Interviewer Violated Professional Standards

She was trying to paint a picture of professionalism but her communication style and the fact she contacted my prior employer without my consent rang alarm bells for me. I am writing a letter of comp…More

Get the Interview's Date and Time in Writing

It didn't, the lady was rude. And refused to admit her mistake. I tried to call her a couple times, but I was told "she was in the middle of interviewing someone".. then when I finally got a hold of …More

Accused of Dishonesty by the Interviewer

Later I found out that a State Department Employee in Jordan embezzled $250k. I am honest and no amount of money is worth stealing and trashing my family name. Treating me like crap in the job interv…More

Walking Away from a Bad Situation

I was still not happy with the way the office looked inside. It looked just as bad on the outside. I thought this was supposed to be a professional place, not some shoddy looking place that looked wo…More

The Interview Ended Abruptly

I had good responses as I have worked in pharmaceuticals for 10 years. I mentioned that I had worked with controls, schedule I.II.III,IV narcotics/entering blanks/DEA compliance etc. But when I asked…More

The Interviewer's Body Language Shouted "Trouble"

I withdrew as a candidate for the position. The female interviewer was the supervisor of the financial specialist. I explained to both of the interviewers that I believed, through body language, that…More

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