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Employers Won't Hire Me Because I Have a Felony Conviction

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By nicolerenee2828

How I was discriminated against

I was offered a job. The employer knew that I have a felony. Then they told me I couldn't have it and didn't even file my background check, after telling me that same day that they are waiting for it to come back.

Describe what happened

I applied for a job at a retirement home, and on the application I wrote that I have a felony from 2008. It was for was a receiving stolen property and I have not been in trouble since or before that. The employer knew about my felony and still called me to come in and file out the background check. When I went in, he offered me the job and said I can start as soon as the background check comes back. I waited 4 days and called and they said they lost my application. I went in that day to fill out another one and I put my felony on that application also. That lady looked at me like I was a loser and said we will send this right over today, so I wait 3 more days. I called today and the woman said we are still waiting for the background check to come back. I get a call a few minutes later and it was the man that offered me the job. He said we can't offer you a job and we didn't send the background check in because you don't meet the criteria. I said "well the lady i just talked to said you're waiting for it to come back." So she lied to me too.

Lessons Learned

  • I learned that no matter what you do in life, and how hard you try, all people will ever see you as is a criminal. I have had one charge in 28 years, never before and none since, and I've learned that people are mean and evil.

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