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Reader Stories: Share Your Employment Discrimination Story


Employment Discrimination Stories: Have you been discriminated against in the workplace or while job searching? Share your story of what happened when you discriminated against because of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability, unemployment or another employment discrimination issue. Also read stories from other About.com readers about how they were discriminated against.

The Promised Job Didn't Come Through

Applied for a position and apparently the only objection they had was that I live closer to the office. The commute would have been around hour and half maybe two at most. So I made arrangements to b…More

My Ex-Employer's Attorneys Say My Claim is Unfounded

I left a job for a Casino, one that has an extensive history for violating employment laws in record breaking numbers, when I had decided to check my pay stubs and noticed that there had been a subst…More

Need Not Apply

I inquired about government jobs at a state agency - employment service - and was told by more than one state employee that as a white, male my chances of government employment were very, very slim. …More

Taking Complaints is all that the EEOC Does

I was often emotionally and physically threatened by the manager without cause or reason. Other employees intentionally destroyed company property and informed the manager that I was the cause for th…More

Denied Promotion for the Third Time

I have union seniority, experience, job training, an exceptional track record, certificates, diplomas, licenses, and an Assosciates degree in management. I am certified by the Building Performance In…More

Can't Catch a Break Because I'm Tattooed

Nothing in particular has "happened", but I will say this; A look tells a thousand tales when I am interviewing in vain... I can tell. I would almost rather the employer tell me as soon as I approach…More

Unable to Find a Job Because of Prior Convictions

I am an Licensed Practical Nurse. I received a DUI in 02 and shoplifting charge in 07. before I could take the NCLEX (state board exam), I had to go to Richmond to meet with the Virginia State Board …More

Terminated Without Warning Following Surgery

I contacted The Employment Security Commission and was told that I could not receive Unemployment and neither could I apply for a job. I could not find a lawyer to take the case because of conflict o…More

Stay-At-Home Mom Can't Get Back in the Job Market

Someone else always gets the job. I have been trying to get back to work since 2009. I was contracted as a protocol recruiter by the US Army. Prior to that I worked as a clerk typist, and before that…More

Misled by the Temp Agency

While training, it became obvious that someone with a medical records background would be better suited to the position. By day 3, my back was in knots. One of the people in the department pointed me…More

Two Questions Employers Ask Older Applicants

I am 63 years old, and I was applying for part-time positions, or positions that I knew the employer advertised to fill at least twice a year. The very last interview I ever did, when I got Question …More

The First Thing They Do is Investigate You

I was discrimination against based on age through what an attorney described as "code" uisng terms like we are a fast-paced and dynamic company and other things like advertising for college aged soph…More

Turned Down for Tuition Reimbursement

I intially inquired and applied for tuition reimbursement shortly after being hired and was turned down. So after a year of service I re-applied and again I was turned down, and I was also told in my…More

Hiring Delayed So They Wouldn't Have to Pay

I left the government service after 12 years of service, and took time off to go to college. When I tried to get rehired at the VA in Albuquerque the human resources department intentionally overlook…More

Laid Off for Two Years

So my youngest daughter and I had to move in with my daughter and her family, where there is no public transportation offered since it's so far out in the country.I apply online every day to at least…More

Fired For Trying to Get Workers Comp

I went to put a claim in for workmans comp and my boss said he's not gonna let me do it because he shouldn't have to. I then got a workmans comp lawyer and went after him for my benefits and was awar…More

Fired for Trying to Get Workmans Comp

I went to put a claim in for workmans comp and my boss said he's not gonna let me do it because he shouldn't have to. I then got a workmans comp lawyer and went after him for my benefits and was awar…More

Fired For Missing the Day I Was Paid For

I talkd to human resources all the times and that still didn't work. I realize now that they was not on my side even when they can look me in my face and tell me they can have me and the manager sit …More

Looking For Youthful and Energetic Applicants

I responded, but have heard nothing yet, I have sent an email and am still waiting for someone to respond to the fact that they are only looking for "youthful" applicants. Can someone explain why to …More

The Rules Aren't Applied to Everyone The Same Way

I am constantly being threatened that I must wear proper attire, have to show up 10 minutes early but cannot clock in until time on schedule, and I am to be professional at all times with guests and …More

I Was a New Refugee With a Green Card

If they push all the African Americans and new refugees like me out of work, what happens? Although I am not African? Why was I laid-off while other employees continued to work for the company and ke…More

Knocked Up and Knocked Out of Contention

It's been impossible to find another job. I keep applying, I get called for interviews. But when I walk into the interview, they see I'm pregnant and that's the end of that. I'm knocked up and knocke…More

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