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Reader Stories: Share Your Employment Discrimination Story


Employment Discrimination Stories: Have you been discriminated against in the workplace or while job searching? Share your story of what happened when you discriminated against because of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, disability, unemployment or another employment discrimination issue. Also read stories from other About.com readers about how they were discriminated against.

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The Promised Job Didn't Come Through

Applied for a position and apparently the only objection they had was that I live closer to the office. The commute would have been around hour and half maybe two at most. So I made arrangements to b…More

Denied a Job Because of a Felony Conviction

When applying for a job position with my girlfriend I had forgotten my SSN (card) and was told to come back for the position. Meanwhile my girlfriend was hired on the spot and cleared a background ch…More

Discrimination Against Stay-At-Home Moms

I have been a stay at home mom for 13 years. I made this decision because my paycheck was less than the cost of daycare for 2 kids. I used to be an exceptional receptionist. Before that, I worked at …More

Out of Circulation Too Long

I have dozen of examples of why. I apply for the job and go by what they say to apply for. Even if I fit their own policies and practices down to a "T" , when I call back to see if the resume or the…More

Won't Hire Women as Chefs or Cooks

The case is still pending. The main agency said that they found the guy story legit . Based on what he lied about. The Denny's corporation doesn't hire females as chefs. I have gone to numerous ones…More

Disabled Vet Refused Employment

I applied for a position with Wanzek for a temp job building wind turbines in my area. Five minutes into the interview, the guy said "I'll hire you to begin next Monday based on your experience and e…More

Can't Get a Job Because of Misdemeanor Convictions

He applied for the job, keep going down there to meet as many as the manager's as he could even the midnight manager and had an interview. They all liked him and his persistence. They kept telling hi…More

No Jobs for Whites

Ok, job hunting in an international border town is hard for a WHITE person. I am trying really hard to find a job but when the business is run by Mexican Americans, it is harder for a White American.…More

My Manager Set Me Up

I worked on my last job at this well known university in the department of proposals and grants. I had worked for the university in four other departments, having 7 years of service. When working for…More

Denied Employment Because of Misdemeanors

Wellstar health Care system made an offer for employment and then I was lied to for 2 1/2 months. I was told that the background committee would give me their decision. The human resources department…More

They Said My Husband Failed the Drug Test

So we left from the temp agency and went directly to the hospital for a drug test and guess the results of that test... NEGATIVE... He is as clean as a whistle just as we knew he was because we don't…More

Terminated for Expressing Concern about a Hostile Work Environment

I worked at this small company in Tucker. I was a good little "subordinate" and always did 100% on my production. One day the so called "Controller" of the Company asked me why I called my co-worker …More

Too Black

I felt God had led me to this job. I was praying for another job when God told me to Neuro Medical. I was hired by a wonderful college educated black woman on the spot, because of my experience in th…More

Stereotyped by My Clothes, Car and Color

I worked for a major Toxicology Lab for 8 years as a Sale executive and Account Service Manager, providing Toxicology screens for the Local Substance Abuse Treatment centers, mainly in the urban comm…More

Fired After 10 Years of Abuse

The following month I was thrown off my floor no reason given.The person I borrowed the pen from that night worked on the same floor. We were happy because we were friends, but my boss had better pla…More

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