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Name-Calling and Abuse at McDonalds

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By JasFor

How I was harassed

I've been working at this McDonalds in Arizona for the past 3 years. Ever since I got there I've been called names behind my back. About 2 years ago they started telling customers I was a (excuse the words) 'faggot', 'a pedo' and a 'lil bitch'. I've been physically hit (slapped) 3 times by females.

Describe what happened

I was quiet and timid when started working there, so people apparently took that for a weakness. I was called names of homosexual origin and it progressively started getting worse. Every time I do something that someone doesn't like, they start talking bad about me. I talked to my store manager twice -- once about 2 years and another time just today. She straight-faced lied to me, because she loves to slander, spread rumors and defamation of character. So now in this small town, I get customers that badmouth me as I close the sliding window because of the slander my employer/fellow employees have spread.

Today I was very irritated because a manager told me to wash the dishes for the cooks, even though I am the cashier and order taker. I just got done washing the trays and bringing them to the front when she yelled at me about it. I pointed out there are 3 other people standing around then she starting yelling at me.

I went on break and was sitting in the back room with the lockers, minding my own business until my break was over, when a fellow employee starting talking very fast in Spanish to me. I know a few words but couldn't understand what she was saying. Then she did 3 little slaps on the side of my cheek. I was very pissed off about her putting her hands on me. I hit the side of the way (I didn't do any damage) and she then said in English, "I'm sorry" as she knew what she did was wrong.

That marks the third time I've been slapped. Once when I was bagging dressings a girl named Reina struck me in the face when I was paying no mind to her. She just did a smile like she knew she could get away with it. I mean these people think they can treat me any way they feel like it and talk about me. I work very hard and hardly slack off. I do ask to go home if there are too many workers, due to the hostile work environments I face.

I get talked about on a daily basis, sometimes when people get sick of me getting harassed they will call the person out and tell them they're jealous or they are bullying me, but they usually conform to how everyone else treats me to keep people liking them.

Lessons Learned

  • I don't really deal with it, I keep alone and to myself. This has affected my entire life, from my social life with family and friends to the workplace. I dislike talking to people now and am anti-social.

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