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Walmart Fired Me for Insubordination

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By Wolf

Why I Was Fired

I was fired for insubordination. I was told I would be working in the freezers for my entire shift. I refused because of my H.A.D. Asthma (Bronchial tubes close up and my diaphram seizes up) and went back to work in the produce department at Walmart. A short while later, after falling off a ladder, and jarring my knee they fired me and the assistant manager refused to take my accident report. They claimed I had 2 previous strikes of insubordination but they never told me about 'em. They also never asked me to get a doctor's note for said asthma. Not having medical care nor any prior experience didn't think I needed one.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

I was naturally angry and upset but then again according to that particular manager I never did a satisfying job, even though my other managers said I was doing a good/decent job. Now I'm desperately trying to find a job, and I'm going to lose my only means of transportation next month. I'm $15,000 in debt and trapped in this State.


  • What I learned... do the work no matter what and after you wind up going to the hospital, sue them over it. In the event of death, well at least your family will get a nice big check.

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