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They Fired Me For Being Late

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By Unemployed in Aurora

Why I Was Fired

There's a long story before we got to this point, but they decided to fire me for being late. Let's forget about the two employees who walked in the door with me, I was fired.

It makes more sense when you know the whole story but nevertheless, I was on their hit list when their top employee fractured my foot in 4 places & I placed a restraining order against him & he was found guilty of Simple Battery. Restraining orders don't last forever & they fired me his first day back.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

Once I pressed charges & he was found guilty & given a restraining order. From that point on it felt like every supervisor on staff was given orders to make my day as miserable as possible. Coworkers were asking why I was staying, why I wasn't quitting with the way they were treating me & it's because I didn't do anything wrong. I didn't break my foot. There would be no doctors appointments if it weren't for him. There would be no pain medicine if it weren't for him. Yet I was being punished. I would tell them EVERY TIME I had medication switched because it would sometimes make it difficult to wake up from & it would take a few days for me to find the "balance" of when to take it so I could wake up on time. I wasn't allowed to take pain medicine at work, so being as productive as I had been in the past with 4 fractures & back pain beyond belief on nothing but Aleve was, needless to say, challenging.

They did what they could to embarass me, pressure me, constantly making announcements by my desk regarding my extra work I couldn't get to that day because of being mentally beaten down by them. Things they used to love me for & "let slide" in the past had suddenly become offenses for writing me up. I was under the microscope no matter what. I was the only one who had to check in & out. I was no longer allowed in the building on weekends so I could catch up on work for reasons no one would give me an explanation -- I had always been allowed in the past. Rules were changing only for me. I was Social Media Manager & came to work one day to find an inbox full of changed passwords & firewalled from all SocMe sites. They took away special projects that had always been mine, that I had created on my own that they made money for bc of me. They gave me projects I was 100% unfamiliar with so I would have to constantly asking questions & be an "annoyance" to them.

Two random write-ups later (to secure their case in a court of law) they settled on the "being late" write up as the easiest one even though I was the only one given the write up & made to check in & out as I watched coworkers come in after me & leave before me. The nights I stayed until 3am, the dozens and dozens and dozens of weekends i worked, the new types of business k brought to them -- told was worth nothing bc it was "in the past" & not relevant. Very disappointing.

Additionaly, copyrights now prevent me from showing the past 2.5 years of work in my portfolio & I'm a Graphic Designer/Illustrator.


  • NEVER GET IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A COWORKER. Especially someone who makes them more money than you because no matter what, it ends ugly & even if THEY cause the issue, if you can't walk in everyday on a broken foot like nothing has happened, you'll be fired too for "being late."
  • Not worth it. I lost my dream job, the best job I never even knew existed. The PERFECT job for me.
  • Always keep an eye on the job market even if you FEEL secure & like nothing would ever happen. 2 months before this I was told I was "indespensible" & the 2nd most talented person there. 2nd to the guy who broke my foot apparently.

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