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Someone Blabbed About My Personal Life

Share Your Story: Share Your Getting Fired Story

By Andrea

Why I Was Fired

Someone I thought I could trust blabbed my private life to everyone including the management. I felt like at that point no one accepts a bi-sexual crossdresser so I am screwed with this job. It lasted about a year's worth of verbal abuse before management laid me off. Tried to fight it but no one would take my side. No one helped. Don't ever share private lives at work. It can most likely get you fired. So a big government contractor ducks a lawsuit and I'm about to be fired again for the same stuff.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

I can't begin to tell you how damn sad this world has become when you're not normal. It affects me every day and my worry turns to poor performance. It a never ending cycle. Wish there was a way for a 46 year old to join the Army. It's very tiring.


  • Stay business focused all the time
  • Never bring up personal stuff
  • Make sure all the makeup is gone
  • Never question a superior
  • Just be a robot

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