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Fired for Poor Performance

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By attorneychick

Why I Was Fired

I was fired for poor performance as an attorney. After three years I was told that I was not going to make partner and that it was time for me to go.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

Its been hard to acknowledge and accept my own culpability. I feel like a failure to myself and the people that I work with. I think that i'm spiraling down the road to depression fast, which I can't afford to do.


  • Make friends where you work. If you are not a naturally outgoing person force yourself to connect with people anyway. Politics is so important that the way you play the game can make or break your career.
  • Always act interested in the work even if your are not. There are alot of people looking for work out there and employers prefer people who are passionate about the work.
  • Always do your best work and never hand in a project that is subpar or unfinished (the best of your ability). If you feel that you are struggling ask for guidance before submitting the project.

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