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Fired for Helping the Wrong Lady

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By hannahbanana92

Why I Was Fired

The reason I got fired was because this lady had came into my job and I thought she was the other lady and I had mistaken her. But anyways I said let me help this lady first who has been waiting longer and she was like I want to speak to your manager. Anyways the assistant manager came over so I guess that wasn't good enough so she wanted to talk to my manager on duty. Then she called me in the office and sent me home.

What Being Fired Has Been Like

It sucks but I will move on. Even though she did me wrong. It was really a learning experience. I was very mad but I realized that I did nothing wrong and that karma always comes back to you. You may have thought you won now but I will get the last laugh. Especially when I am going to make twenty dollars a hour versus your eleven or twelve. Payback is a snitch.


  • My advice is to help the lady that was there first versus the lady who has been waiting longer.

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