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Reader Stories: Share Your Getting Fired Story


Fired from your job? Share your getting fired story and tell us about the job you lost, why you were fired and and what you might have learned from the difficult experience of being terminated from employment. Read, as well, about others who have been fired and what life has been like for them.

The Boss's Wife Got Me Fired

i have never been fired. I am totally devastated, it was more than a job to me, it was one of my reasons for getting up everyday, it was my temporary escape from all my personal challenges, it was my…More

Fired for Not Being Proactive

Hired to work as a consultant. Five months into the job I was let go. Worked on different projects through these 5 months with different managers. All the managers gave more than 100% rating and I ha…More

Fired After a Bout of Depression

I haven't received unemployment benefits (held up in adjudication), so financially it's been absolutely devastating. It's now been two months, and my savings have run out. I've applied for more than …More

A Mean Manager and Impossible Work Quotas

I was extremely upset as my husband is self employed and I always worked for the benefits. My manager was up my rear 24 /7 from day one. I was expected to close more than 20 loans per month, but no o…More

Fired for Arguing about Unsafe Practices

I get to spend more time with my daughter. I was a single working father then. I am now a single unemployed father now. I love not having to give my daughter melatonin to get her to go to sleep so I …More

The Boss Felt Threatened by My Abilities

The leader fired me for no reason. The leader would not tolerate me becoming the best workers in the company at age 56. I was sure it would be best not to brag, despite the fact that the leader alway…More

Fired for Discussing Personal Information

It's been a blessing, no stress. I've seen other co- employees stressed and afraid to leave as they are complacent. I asked The Lord to move me out and up, God moved me out in his way, so I am prepar…More

Fired from Home Depot

You think you have seen it all when it comes to idiot managers and then this happens. When the Home Depot store manager approved this device an assistant manager (the one who later forced me out) tri…More

Fired for Not Being "Too Quiet"

I found it a real blow to my self confidence to be fired because my quiet personality wasn't accepted because I can't change it and I loved where I was working. I had previously worked in a Universit…More

Victim of Corporate Politics

I blamed myself for my lack of professionalism. I was angry that the male coworker got off without reprimand. I was angry I didn't have the nerve to fight the company. I was depressed, because I beli…More

Fired for Making a Mistake on an Order

The experience was overwhelming. I was depressed and wanted to go back and fix the problem. I was extremely upset at myself for my errors. I also had nightmares. The feeling in getting fired it's was…More

Fired for Not Learning Fast Enough

I was shocked, I had no indication that I was going to be let go. I thought I was being given enough time to work on the issues he had with me, and a week was not enough, especially since he was neve…More

Fired for Questioning Questionable Practices

It's been tough but I am truly a fighter! Yes, I was clueless and hurt by what has happen to me, considering I was a excellent worker, and everyone liked/ loved me especially the children & families.…More

Fired Without a Warning

My experience left me wondering what I did wrong. My boss said: I'm letting you go, sign this form, I'm sure you're familiar w/this exit paperwork! It was just a one sentence deal, basically saying: …More

Fired for Falsifying a Cost Audit

I feel that because of this my career is over and so is my life because if I cannot do this job then there is nothing for me out there.People that get fired need to understand to have more than one s…More

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