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Reader Stories: Share Your Getting Fired Story


Fired from your job? Share your getting fired story and tell us about the job you lost, why you were fired and and what you might have learned from the difficult experience of being terminated from employment. Read, as well, about others who have been fired and what life has been like for them.

My Supervisor Admitted that I Hadn't Been Properly Trained

This is the first time I have ever been fired. I moved 1000 miles to take this job, and honestly, I had some hesitations about it from the beginning but I ignored my instincts. I feel devastated, and…More

Be Careful Where You Vent

It's not the best feeling but since I was unhappy for a long time up to this point, I don't really have any regrets. I think I just angered the wrong person and they sought out my blog - as I got a p…More

Complained About My Boss in Company Email

It's only the evening following my termination earlier today, but I have mixed feelings. I really couldn't stand that organization anymore, and I loathed my boss. But I do have serious regrets about …More

Fired for Making a Poor First Impression

I had just graduated from culinary school and had suffered a small setback after my externship site told me they had no open spaces to hire me on. After weeks of sending out resumes and back-to-back …More

Don't Stay Where You Don't Fit

It is totally demoralizing. Work is validation of worth. Being fired is very public. I feel like a failure. It is terrifying financially to face unemployment. I have to force myself to be upbeat in i…More

Remind Yourself That Life Goes On

It is painful. In my case, the reasons for being let go are purely based on my performance. I have moments when I confuse my work performance with my self-worth, and that is just not the case. The re…More

The Shoplifter Spat on Me and I Defended Myself

I feel like it is a red flag on me and I cannot be hired wherever I apply. I still don't know how to answer the question about being fired. Sometimes I get so upset I just tell it like is. It still i…More

I Was Told to Zip My Mouth

I have worked for the same building, corporation for 25 years this August. I have honestly gone above and beyond for the facility. Called upon by my Administrator and co-workers to assist with work l…More

I Let My Personal Life Interfere with the Job

Depressing, to say the least. My job was a gravy train. Almost $15 an hour for something a high school dropout could do. Plus benefits. I let my emotions get the better of me. And it cost me dearly. …More

Performance Improvement Plan is a Paper Trail for Termination

I couldn't feel better. The only issue I had was the fact I lost a job (pay). I didn't care that I lost this job (the company sucked). They treated me badly, and I never saw myself staying there. I h…More

I Finally Stood Up to Bullying

Honestly it's traumatic. Because you feel like you're stuck in a no-win situation. Damned if you don't stand up to bullying because you're allowing yourself to be a victim and then damned if you do f…More

Stay Out of Office Politics

It has been very hard to reconcile my feelings on this issue because I had not lost a position before and I considered myself a hard worker with many talents, as did many of my past colleagues. It wa…More

Didn't Follow Safety Procedures

Being fired was very hurtful.I worked for a big pet store company as a Professional Dog Bather for 2 years. In this company before you can even touch a dog you have to pass a Salon Safety Certificati…More

Do Your Due Diligence

It has been rough. I thought that I was doing what my manager wanted me to, but later it turned out I was totally off base. I went through sadness in the first hour, then anger that they could do thi…More

I Shouldn't Have Checked My Email

Being fired was a surprise to me. I thought nothing of it until my boss approached me and brought up the situation. I agreed with him about what I did, yet I feel disappointed about it and I never th…More

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