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My Sweetest Memories

Share Your Story: My First Job

By Candacel

What I Did:

My first job was working at a "Real" old fashioned bakery where the bakers made everything from scratch. I waited on customers, arranged all the goods on the trays, sliced the bread, took orders over the phone and kept the cases and floors clean.

How I Did It:

I loved the job. I would work after school and weekends, normally a twenty hour work week. When I walked down the bridge from my house to the bakery early on the weekend mornings I could smell the wonderful freshly baked seeded rye bread aroma wafting through the air, it was heaven.

One of the wonderful perks at the bakery was I could eat whatever I wanted. Telling a sixteen year old girl with the biggest sweet tooth in town you're allowed to eat whatever you want was better than given a brand new red convertable automobile!

I met alot of wonderful people, saw friends I had not seen for sometime and found out one of the bakers at the bakery was one of my shirt tail relatives, (years later I ended up working with his wife at another company, she became my best friend and surrogate


Mr. and Mrs. owners were like grandparents to me. Mr.would come in the bakery late in the afternoon after a fishing expedition back of the bakery, show me the fish then gut them with a wink and a smile (had to try to gross out the young teenage help).

I was very fortunate the bakery was my first job, I could not have worked for nicer people and the job was "Sweet".


  • If possible your first job should be a learning experience but enjoyable.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions, how else will you learn
  • Don't be afraid to offer your help, they need to know you're interested in your job.
  • Taking advantage of some of the perks may not be a good idea, as for me I ended up gaining tens pound eating all those wonderful perks.

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