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Christmas Tree Lot Employee

Share Your Story: My First Job

By Brent Powell

What I Did:

Christmas Tree Lot Employee - Cut your own - Age 15 - Earned Minimum Wage plus tips.

How I Did It:

When buying our Christmas Tree I approached one man working who appeared to have some authority and asked if he needed any help.

Earning tips was fun - hustling to get to the next customer and their vying for their tip became a competitive event. That and hustling kept you warm in the cold weather.

Pros - earned some cash as well as all but guaranteed a job for myself the following year. Tips quickly out paced minimum wage.

Cons - Sap got on everything everywhere. Cold weather and the coffee was for customers. The closer you got to 12/25 the fewer the tips, the less hustling required, the colder you became.


  • Absolutely Learned how to hustle for tips --> AN INVALUABLE SKILL for a young man.

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