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Reader Stories: My First Job


What was your first job? How did you get your first job? What did you love (or hate) about it? What did you learn from the experience?

Getting My Feet Wet

At first, it was great. I liked the flexible schedule and a boss that was not a hoverer. I felt something in my gut didn't agree. But I decided why not? I realized that being paid more and compromisi…More

My First Internship

I did a summer internship during my sophomore year in college. This was the smartest thing I did because I realized before I graduated that I did not want to pursue public relations. It was one of th…More

Volunteer at the Library

I was able to volunteer first (very good get your foot in the door opportunity) and then I got a work permit through my high school for the work experience program. I didn't get paid much, minimum wa…More

Disgusted by Dishwashing Job

I used my hands to scape garbage off dishes. I quit after just one day because my hands smelled like garbage. Shortly thereafter I went back to the New Jersey State Employment Agency where I was dire…More

Above All, Be Kind

Strictly OJT --- On the job experience. I also learned from watching my sister and my co-workers. It wasn't difficult work but it was my first job so I had to watch carefully and listen even more so.…More

Make the Best of It

I tried to enjoy everything I did and I applied myself. I even had some time to play baseball and run cross country. Then I found the opposite in life -- oh those girls!! I used to go to school, then…More

Newspaper Delivery

I rode a bike delivering newspapers. Right when I got home from school on weekdays I went out to deliver newspapers, delivering the Daily Iberian in New Iberia, LA. Sometimes my Mother had the newspa…More

Learning on the Job

My dad knew the foreman, he told him I was not doing anything that summer, could he use any help, and there I was, a High School Junior who could type. At the beginning it was difficult to use a extr…More

My First Job was My Best Job

I learned the lesson early in life that it's not necessarily what you know, but who you know. I got the job because I knew someone who worked as a sportswriter at the paper. He knew that I wrote pret…More

An Easy Job with Active

I worked 8am to 4pm. I was not at school when I started this job. One of my jobs was to print numbers on sample bags for miners. I also made big concrete plugs for the pipes. That was about all that …More

Try Not to Swear at Your Boss

When I worked at Hungry Jacks, I had to make sure that I was wearing the right type of footwear and that my Hungry Jacks uniform was wrinkle free and I also had to wear a hair net so that my hair was…More

A Dynamite Job

I did not like the job because it was dangerous. My responsibility was to make dynamite for the mine sites. I had to put the cord through long tubes, and use a machine to fill it in. I got dirty doin…More

Trolley Boy at Woolworths

When I worked at Woolworths, I was stacking shelves. I was a trolley boy. Everyday I had to sign in first by scanning my finger . When I got asked to stack some shelves in the cool drink aisle and ti…More

Your Performance Will Follow You Through Life

Since I was small for my age I could pretty much get inside the big pots as they would cook tons of food at once in these huge pots. Was like being in the Army kitchens... found that out later in my …More

Rabbits. Yes, Rabbits

I was lucky in that I was a teenager, so that I had no knowledge or experience and likewise, no fear. I tried all sorts of things, ruined the thing multiple times, and learned all about "getting back…More

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