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Reader Reviews : ResumeBucket Reviews

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Daily Calls are Really Annoying

I have signed up to the site to find a job,but all I get from resume bucket are calls about furthering my education! I have told them many times that I am not interested in furthering my education, b…More

Taking Legal Action to Stop Phone Harassment

This company has harassed me to no end with their daily phone calls and I don't even belong to their club. If enough people take legal action it will stop. I have asked them to put me on their do not…More

Resumebucket Sales Reps Won't Leave Me Alone!

Why won't these people leave me alone!?! They have called me every single day for over 3 weeks! I never signed up on their site, as they claim. I have tried all different approaches. I've been nice, …More

Spam Calls from Resumebucket.com

Horrible site. I can't access my account and keep getting spam calls like 3 times a week. Sent the company/ site a email months ago and still haven't gotten a reply. I wish I could give a negative 5 …More

Resumebucket Reps Won't Leave Me Alone

They keep calling me about going back to school! They WILL NOT LEAVE ME ALONE! I didn't even sign up with them! I have signed up with OTHER job sites, but not them.How do I get these morons to leave …More

Negative 5-Star Rating for Resumebucket

I wish I was able to give this company a negative star rating... it definitely would be a negative 5 stars. I, too, receive many, many calls from this company and have repeatedly told them in no unce…More

Rude Resumebucket Reps

These people are rude. They keep calling my phone and I told them I don't need their services and I have a job. When I tell them that they hang the phone up in my face. I ask to speak to a manager th…More

Phone Harassment by Resumebucket Reps

I have received numerous calls from these whackos - all from various numbers. They seem intent on talking me into embarking on some kind of degree program, be it traditional or online, despite the fa…More

Rude Phone Reps at Resumebucket.com

I keep getting phone calls from James. He says that he saw my resume and said that I would be interested in furthering my education. I have explained to him numerous of times that at this time I cann…More

Get Me Off the List!

They keep calling, and hang up as soon as I ask to be taken off the list. In fact, I don't even get to finish my sentence. What makes it even more infuriating is that I never signed up with this serv…More

They Won't Listen When I Say I'm Not Looking for a Job

I'm very angry with the people who work for Resumebucket. I have NOT been looking for a job, nor have I been on any job sites. Obviously my number was sold from a different site. I tell them I'm not …More

Harassed by Pre-Recorded Phone Calls

This company repeatedly calls my home with pre recorded messages. We have never inquired anywhere about their service. We are on the do not call list but that doesn't stop them from calling my house …More

They Hung Up on Me

I do not recommend this site. They are ignorant, rude a**holes. Their site deserves to be taken down. They hung up on me as soon as I answered a question. Worst site ever! Don't ever use this site, y…More

Take Me Off the List!

I'm getting the same damn thing, I asked nicely 10 times to put my number on the DO NOT EFFING CALL LIST, yet despite my actions they STILL CALL.I'm really tempted to find the location of where the c…More

Annoyed by Daily Calls

Daily calls.....over and over telling them to stop calling. Letting all numbers go to my voice mail now because they use local area codes so I can't tell it's them. I have no idea how they got my num…More

Beyond Frustrated with Phone Solicitations

WHY WON'T THEY STOP CALLING ME??? I don't know if they're fishing for business or if someone put my phone # in but I'M NOT LOOKING FOR A JOB and these people keep calling me from random local numbers…More

Daily Calls Get Really Annoying

I get calls from Resume Bucket representatives daily regarding work. The representatives are very rude when I told them to call stop calling and trying to explain that I am not interested. They hung …More

They Don't Listen When I Say "Don't Call"

Extremely annoying people and they don't contact you for jobs. They're only interested in talking about furthering your education. I have told them to stop calling and I am not interested many, many …More

Rude, Persistent, Tiresome

I don't know how these guys got my number but they continually call then hang up when I try to explain I'm retired and not looking for work.Very rude, very persistent, very tiresome.Even if I were lo…More

Annoyed by Robocalls from ResumeBucket

I have never signed up for this service, yet I receive several robo-calls per day from different numbers(so I can't block them). I have requested to have my number placed on their do not call list se…More

They Just Keep Calling Me

Someone used my contact information to format a resume thru this site without my knowledge and now these people call me daily! I've requested to be removed from their calling list, yet still get call…More

Rude Representatives

I have never had such rude people call me. Ever. I answer politely and tell them I already found a job/am in college now and then they immediately hang up. THEY call at dinner time. Based solely on t…More


They keep calling me and harassing me and I have NEVER reached out to them. I do not need their services and I think that their incessant calling when I repeatedly ask them to leave me alone should b…More

Too Much Spam

Do not give them your info, since I made this mistake, I have been spammed with multiple emails per day and phone calls. Sales pitches from their "education reps" and their resume builder product was…More

Bad User Experience at ResumeBucket

I had to keep getting a new password to access this site (3 x's). I then contacted the "live chat" link and was put on with "Peggy" from the Capitol One commercial. I'm not sure if they were a bot or…More

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