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Teleport My Job

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Teleport My Job



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I was recently looking into working abroad in my field (advertising/design). I found Teleport My Job in an online search and it seemed like a legit site. Unfortunately I soon found out it's anything but.

Once I subscribed the trouble began. I started receiving random phone calls from them at all hours of the day (definitely an overseas call center). At one point they called me after midnight, then again at 7AM the next day, leaving me less than 6 hours to sleep!

They would call 10-12 times per day no matter how often I requested they only call me outside of work hours, and not after 9PM. They did not comply. I had at least 5 different 'care specialists' contacting me multiple times throughout the days, and no one seemed to check in with each other to see if I'd already spoken with someone else.

In the meantime the only jobs I was presented were extremely junior positions (I'm an Executive and specifically requested Management positions and up). From what I could see on their website, no positions over junior roles were available despite their advertisements.

After just a couple of weeks I was forced to close my account in order for them to stop phoning. I contacted them (both by phone and by email) asking for my account to be closed and deleted, and to please not contact me again.

Sure enough, they continue billing me even though I am no longer a member on their website. I've tried contacting them multiple times to find out what is going on: They're not responding. Which seems odd given how often they contacted me when I was still a member.

I would avoid this website like the plague, and have told everyone that I know to stay away too. Unless you like being constantly harassed at all hours of the day, and then charged for their service after you're no longer a member. I'm contacting my credit card company to lodge a complaint and if they continue to charge me I'll be forced to consider legal action.

From my experience this is not a legitimate website!

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