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By Zeugitai

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Specifically, the site presents government job openings that seem accessible to one and all; however, the applications have proven to be tedious and tend to gradually reveal extremely high, competitive, and discouraging criteria at work. Also, applicants are expected to know the system of pay grades in use by the federal government and how these compare to work experience in the world of private industry. In each case it seems that for even minor positions, advanced degrees are tacitly or overtly requisite. A series of federal forms are usually required as well, requiring applicants to have and use scanners, and be familiar with the production of digital documents and file compression techniques.

Generally, with some of the reviews I've read, basic writing skills are not in evidence, and it is easy to surmise at least this one reason for the unemployability of some of the reviewers. Having said that I must admit that basic writing skills have not served me very well in the job seeking process. They are certainly requisite but equally certainly insufficient. In fact, now that I think more on it, they can be the reason one is not hired. In one instance while interviewing with an editor, I made the effort to demonstrate my editorial ability by pointing out a clutch of errors in the most recent issue. The editor took this as a threat to himself personally and I was told that they would call me back. They never did. The people who hold the jobs must not be made to feel insecure in their positions or they will do what they can to assure that anyone that may be better qualified than they are is not hired.

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