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Reader Reviews : Job Site Reviews: Best and Worst Job Sites


Read job site reviews of the best and worst job sites from About.com readers and add your reviews to the list.


This website is a scam. The individual or individuals behind this website are nothing more than affiliate marketers who are directing traffic to other websites for a profit. They claim that it is a l…More

Would Not Recommend Experteer

This company just wants your money. They are not flexible, not understanding, terms and conditions of membership contract are totally deceiving. DO NOT fall for it. Had terrible experience with them,…More


Good thing about jobspen.com is its straightforward and easy to use features. It will not waste your time filling up fields when you registered. It removes time wasting fields and remains only what a…More

India's timesjob.com

On 28 feb, 2014, registered for Job seek service by paying Rs. 2750.Today is 7th Mar, still no response from them.I am from =Jaipur. While selling, their executive called me many times. Now after the…More

No More Dealings with Snagajob.com

Primitive, clumsy user interface, minimal account management options, and the worst is that, after cancelling the ad, they kept charging me for two more months. No response, to date, from their custo…More


As a human capital professional with over 20 years of experience, I have used and conducted training on hundreds of career sites. I find specialList to be in a league of its own. The search functiona…More


This site is scamming job seekers. They email you with a job posting and when you go on the site you have to upload your resume. When you apply for the job they post that site will redirect you to an…More


SkipTheDrive.com is a great site for anybody looking to work remotely with prestigious companies (many of which are Fortune 500 companies). There's no charge to job seekers. Jobs are updated daily an…More


This job site is like a spreading virus. No matter what you do, you always seem to be directed right back to it. (Yes you, glassdoor.com and indeed.com!) in order to apply you are required to provide…More

UK Staff Search

I never signed up with this agency - but yet I get regular mails for any and all jobs - not just ones I might be interested in.What I think has happened is that one of the other agencies I have previ…More


What a joke! To those that read this, here is how you can beat them with the job posting...Cut the job description and past it into Google to search. It will bring up options of other sites that migh…More


Its been a wonderful experience doing course(php&mysq) at cegonsoft.I got placed PHP developer in Cegonsoft Job fair. I am very thankful to faculty who made it easy for us to understand the concepts …More


Liars. After I posted my resume on their site, I started getting lots of emails telling me that "recruiters are visiting your resume". So I decided to do the one-month premium to see whether anything…More

Job is Job

Great jobs plate form, combine both ful time jobs and mini jobs online. Also the affiliate section is good and payment for affiliates and referrals from their earning are true.The site miss some new …More


This is 2014 - why are websites such as Jobsite still asking applicants to upload their C.V.'s as a Word document - this is not 1980's. I prepared my wife's C.V. in .pdf and .jpg formats (and could e…More

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