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Reader Reviews : Job Site Reviews: Best and Worst Job Sites


Read job site reviews of the best and worst job sites from About.com readers and add your reviews to the list.

Unhappy with Medreps.com

First of all, you have to pay and after you've realized you wasted your money they are billing you every 3 months. It's in the contract that nobody reads. It's a recurring payment agreement and it's …More


I have been reading some bad reviews of teleportmyjob.My experience has been that the money spent was well worthwhile.I was with them for 3 months last year, they responded at all times very professi…More


The problem is that the unethical Medreps.com stores your credit card and automatically charges it without your authorization. There is nowhere to access it either. This is disgusting! Be aware reps!…More

TeleportMyJob.com is a Scam

This is a fake job portal. The people work here are trained cons. Never give them your card details. If you did you are screwed. It is an illegal way of asking fee for promising you a job. The ripped…More

Naukrifind in India

Naukrifind.com provides the most complete and latest government jobs information in India.Register on this site and get automatic updates about new jobs. This is absolutely free and one of the fastes…More

Timesjobs in India Doesn't Fulfill Promises

To enroll with Timesjob is a total waste of time. My experience with Timesjob is really bad. First they asked me to take their premium service and they assured me that they will set up interview with…More

No Luck with LinkedIn

I have applied for many jobs via LinkedIn. You can tell if the application is viewed. Only about 10% of my applications are ever viewed. Since they see nothing about the application until they actual…More

Gorilla Medical Sales

I have been a member of three different medical sales job boards in the past. The one that I like the most is Gorilla Medical Sales, or known as GorillaMed. I think the overall quality of the jobs is…More

USA Jobs Offers Preferential Treatment for Veterans

Horrible interface and poor communication with candidates. You'll get a vague email saying you were "best qualified" and then a couple weeks later are told that you were not selected because you are …More

Teleport My Job

To start let me say, I know every story is different but if you know:the role you want,the tasks you want to perform,the location where you want to work/live,how much you want to make,have the adequa…More

Indeed.co.uk in the UK

Registered with Indeed for about 6 weeks - numerous suitable jobs notified. Now, gainfully employed!Very easy to be really specific about the type of job interested in. Application for jobs direct fr…More

Simply Hired is a Waste of Time

Simply Hired is Simply a Waste of Time.Simply Hired re-postes old and filled jobs, months old, as newly listed jobs.Huge waste of time.…More

Jobsbasket.co.uk in the United Kingdom

In this competitive world it is very hard and almost impossible to find a reliable job but www.jobsbasket.co.uk is doing this hard work very effectively and reliably. All kinds of jobs are available …More

Bad User Experience with USA Jobs

I used to visit this site periodically, a few years back - with minimal job search 'success' (loosely stated). Presently, a FEW state offices DO refer veterans and civilians to submit a resume & prof…More

Spammed after Registering on Job.com

It is a horrible website. I made an account through Job.com and within three hours, I received four phone calls from separate solicitors, my spam email filled up 3 times faster and I even received a …More

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