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Reader Reviews : Company Reviews: Best and Worst Companies To Work For


Read reviews of the best and worst companies to work for from About.com readers and add your reviews to the list.


Indeed.com company doesn't put any emphasis on training. Be prepared to train yourself with little help on antiquated systems. There has been 70% turnover in this particular area. I would not recomme…More

Not Happy Working for ShopBee

It's a stretch to call Shopbee a company. It used to be a startup, but at this point is just a failure. The "CEO" had been trying to launch for over a year, but he can't keep a cohesive vision and of…More

Be Careful Working for a Start-Up

The best thing for you to do is to go and query the CEO. He has very bad reputation every place he has worked. This will give you a clear indication where this company is heading. By the way, I doubt…More

Bad Experience at ShopBee

I worked for this company for few months. Worst experience you can have with management and job duties. This start-up will go nowhere. No funding, lousy business model, incompetent management etc. Th…More


Good startup to work for. Lots of smart people to interact with. They are looking for funding, and have a good product. I recommend it for people who like startups, who want to get in early and work …More

IL&FS Technologies in India

Salary and benefits are "OK" as compared to Bhubaneswar lifestyle. The compensation for freshers is 2.4L per annum with LTA and Medical benefits of 30,000 per year. However people recruited through c…More


Avoid working for this start up. The CEO is a total failure. The company fools you by giving you convertible notes. No money, no future and I am sure this company is down the hill. Well, actually it …More

UltraSeksy.com in the UK

It is a very relaxed but serious environment. The team is small, but fun to be around. No two days are the same.Pros -- you get a bit of room to be entrepreneurial.Con's -- as I mentioned, it's a rel…More

Graphnet, Inc.

This is a poorly managed company. Salaries are paid late, commissions are paid late, suspect accounting, CEO constant yelling, not stable, poor treatment of employees, never complimented. almost like…More

Comodo in New Jersey

Aside from the location, which is near the mall and the financial area, this is a horrible company. I was fired for not making enough sells, and to be honest I was so relieved the day they fired me. …More

Realm Individualized Education

I was hired to teach at Real Individualized Education in Jining, Shandong province for the months of July and August of 2011. Once I got there, everything this training centre promised me was not ava…More

Technology System Integrator Gave Me a Nice Raise

Technology System Integrator is a small up coming IT and Telecom company with 29 employees, and a young management team. I have recommended the company to one friend and he got hired, and he loves it…More

Minimum Wage at Portland Resourcing

What a poor company!It would seem that the business model is to employ people on minimum wage and exploit them for as much as possible.When the commission and deals begin to 'roll-in' they fire you a…More

Furniture Assembly Experts

I work for a small business specializing in Ready to Assemble office furniture. the owner is a good guys who pays good. very understanding manager. the only cons here is that since it is a new compan…More

No Future at Gulf 33 Valve Pros

This is a company where I just happened to see them get rid of the person who helped them start the company. The reason wasn't bad enough to fire this person. But my experience with them hasn't been …More

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