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Home Based Agent Jobs


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Definition: A home based agent is a person who works from a home office handling customer communications and providing customer service.

Job responsibilities include collecting, entering, and confirming customer information, answering customer questions, resolving issues, responding to email, and/or engaging in live chat with customers.

Home agent may be employees of a company or may be independent contractors.

Companies typically provide training. Some companies require annual fees, quarterly fees, training, or equipment fees. There may be a background check fee at the time you are hired.

Before you are hired, clarify what fees, if any, are charged and what they cover. Be careful about companies that do charge you to make sure the compensation outweighs the costs.

If hired as a home based agent, you will need a professional phone presence, a quiet work environment, a phone, a reliable computer with a current operating system, and a high speed Internet connection (DSL or Cable).

Work at Home Job Listings

Also Known As: home agent

Alternate Spellings: home-based agent

Examples: Brittney worked as a home agent for a major insurance company handling customer service inquiries.

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