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List of Visa Types

Visa Types for Work in USA


List of Visa Types

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There are several different visa types for foreign nationals who wish to work in the United States. The type of visa you obtain will depend on your eligibility to work in the USA, the type of work you do, your US employer, and your employment status i.e. temporary or seasonal worker.

The following is a list of visa types, including information on eligibility and applications.

List of Visa Types

Exchange Visitor Visas
Exchange Visitor (J) Visas are tempororary, non-immigrant visas available for individuals approved to participate in work and study based exchange visitor programs. Visas are obtained through the work/study program.

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Visas
Seasonal Agricultural Worker (H2-A) Visas are available for foreign agricultural workers to work in the United States on a seasonal basis, given that there is a shortage of domestic workers.

Temporary Work Visas- Non-Agricultural Workers
Temporary Non-Agricultural (H-2B) Visas are available for foreign workers in non-agricultural fields to work in the United States when there is an insufficient number of domestic laborers to fill the position. H-2B visas are generally used for jobs that are temporary, though not agricultural.

Temporary Worker Visas - Skilled Workers
H1-B temporary worker non-immigrant visas are for skilled, educated individuals employed in specialized occupations. The H1-B visa enables foreign workers to temporarily work for a specific employer.

Green Cards
It is possible for immigrants to the US to become permanent residents (Green Card holders) of the United States through a job or offer of employment. However, some categories require a certification from the U.S. Department of Labor to show that there are not enough US. workers who are able, willing, qualified, and available in the geographic area where the immigrant is to be employed and that no American workers are displaced by foreign workers.

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