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Resources for Women

Jobs, employment, career transition, and options for women.
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Family and Medical Leave Act
The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) - Who is eligible, which employers have to grant time off, what you can take leave for and how it works.

Nursing Mothers at Work
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act sets out requirements for employers to provide employees the time and space for nursing mothers to express breast milk throughout the work day for one full year after the birth of a child.

Pregnancy and Employment
Overview of pregnancy and employment, including interview advice, when to tell your employer, and what to do if you have been discriminated against.

Six Steps to a Flexible Schedule
Six steps for negotiating a flexible schedule from the About.com Guide to Working Moms.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Women
There is a range of careers that bring in high salaries for women: health occupations, law, and management jobs are among the top money-making positions.

Unemployment Eligibility When You Are Pregnant
Information on collecting unemployment when you are pregnant.

Women & Work
How far have women come in the workplace? We're making progress, but, it has taken years to even get close to that glass ceiling. I thought it would be interesting to take a look back in time to how far we have - and haven't - come.

Women for Hire
Women for Hire - career expos for female college seniors, grad students, recent graduates and women re-entering the workforce.

The Case Against Being Trapped in the Law
Ellen Ostrow discusses law jobs and the myths and realities of being a lawyer, as well as the keys to finding career satisfaction.

Working Moms
Advice, resources, and information for working moms from About.com

Part-Time Jobs for Moms
Whether you’re a working mom cutting back, or a stay-at-home mom rejoining the workforce, you’re probably seeking a part-time job. Here's how to find one from the About.com Guide to Working Moms.

Pregnancy & the Work Place
Everything you need to know about protecting your job while pregnant, from telling your boss to filing a discrimination complaint.

Career Change Tools for the Midlife Woman
Work is an expression of who we are - a meaningful and satisfying career meshes with our values, our talents and what is truly important to us.

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