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Union Jobs

Apprenticeships, training programs, jobs, labor unions and organizations.

Union Jobs
Apprenticeship programs, union job opportunities and the benefits of joining a labor union.

AFL-CIO Organizing Institute
How to become a trained union organizer.

Airline Pilots Association
Job opportunities with the ALPA.

American Postal Workers Union
Collective bargaining information, news and events.

What is an apprenticeship, how to become an apprentice and apprenticeship opportunities. 

Communications Workers of America
Local affiliates, membership information and general information.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
Links to IBEW local unions in the United States and Canada.

Philadelphia Apprenticeship Training Committees
Trades apprenticeships in Philadelphia.From www.apprentice.org.

Service Employees International Union
Membership information, news, staff job opportunities, and political action.

Teamster Job Bank
Directory of teamster jobs in North America.

The UAW Near You
Regional and local United Auto Workers unions.

Today's Union
Union cities, labor information and labor links. From the AFL-CIO.

Union Jobs Clearing House
Staff and trades positions in organized labor.

Working for America Institute / AFL-CIO
Current openings the Working for America Institute.

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