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How Unemployment Benefits Are Paid


How Unemployment Benefits Are Paid
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When you receive unemployment benefits they may be paid by check, by direct deposit to your bank account, or by adding funds to a debit card provided by your state unemployment office.

In some states a paper check is no longer an option. For example, New York offers a Direct Payment Card or direct deposit to your bank account, but no longer prints paper checks.

How to Select an Unemployment Payment Option

When you sign up for unemployment you will be advised of the options available for receiving benefits. You will be able select a payment option during the enrollment process.

How to Change Unemployment Payment Options

In addition, you may be able to change how you receive benefits while you are collecting unemployment. For example, you can switch from unemployment checks to direct deposit in some states by phone or via the internet.

To find out how to sign up for or change your banking information or unemployment payment options, check with your state unemployment office.

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