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Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Offices, Benefits, Extended Benefits, and Rates


Unemployment Compensation
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Unemployment insurance benefits are available for workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own. Eligibility requirements for collecting unemployment compensation vary from state to state. So, it always makes sense to check eligibility with your State Unemployment Office if you are not sure whether you qualify for unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Benefits

The unemployment compensation you will receive will depend upon the amount you earned while working. In addition, there are eligibility requirements to qualify for unemployment benefits including working a certain number of weeks.

If, for some reason, you are determined not to be eligible for unemployment benefits there is an appeals process available where you can challenge the determination.

Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment insurance, benefits and compensation information.

State Unemployment Offices
Directory of state unemployment offices with information on filing. You may be able to file online or by phone.

Extended Unemployment Benefits

Unemployment Extension
Unemployment extension news and updates, extended unemployment benefit guidelines, and how to calculate what benefits you qualify for.

How to File for Unemployment Benefits

In many cases you can open an unemployment claim online or over the phone, as well as file for weekly benefits and check the status of your unemployment claim. There are a few states where you still have to apply in person.

Unemployment Benefits
Eligibility requirements, disqualifications, where to file, how to file, benefits, rates, and answers to questions on unemployment compensation.

Unemployment Eligibility
Eligibility requirements, when to file, how to file, benefits, rates, and answers to questions on unemployment compensation.

Filing for Unemployment Online
In many states, unemployed workers can file for unemployment benefits online. Here is the information you need to know to apply and the questions you will need to answer to open a claim.

Qualifying for Unemployment
Do you qualify for unemployment benefits? Here's information on qualifying for unemployment, plus what can disqualify you from collecting unemployment benefits.

How to File an Unemployment Appeal
If you have filed an unemployment benefits claim and your claim is turned down or contested by your employer, you have the right to appeal the denial of your unemployment claim. Here's how to file an unemployment appeal.

Unemployment Claims Question/Answers
Here are frequently asked questions and answers on unemployment claim issues from career and employment experts that will help you collect unemployment benefits and handle glitches in the process.

More Unemployment Resources

Employment Services
Job fairs, jobs databases, jobs, career resources, unemployment information, training, and more career-related assistance from the Department of Labor.

What To Do When Unemployment Runs Out
I have heard from many people who are getting to the point of desperation - unemployment is running out, money is running out, there aren't even many jobs to apply to. Here's advice on what to do when you run out of unemployment benefits.

Pink Slip? What Next?
Laid off? Use this unexpected windfall of time as an opportunity to reassess your career goals and to get on track to find a new position.

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