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Types of Employment Networks

Types of employment networks including online professional networking sites, alumni networks, corporate networks, professional associations and other career and employment networks.

Employment Networking
Employment networking involves using personal and professional contacts to assist with a job search or to help achieve career goals.

Chambers of Commerce
A chamber of commerce is an association that represents a number of businesses within a city or region.

Corporate Alumni Network
A corporate alumni network is an online network of ex-employees, and sometimes current employees, of an organization.

College Alumni Networks
A college alumni network offers a way for college graduates to stay connected.

Corporate Alumni Networks
Corporate alumni networks can can help with job searching and career building. Here's advice on how to find alumni networks to join.

Facebook and Professional Networking
Should you use Facebook for professional networking, and, if so, what is the best way to use it?

How to Use LinkedIn
Suggestions and tips for using LinkedIn to help with job searching and building your career.

Participating in Professional Associations
A membership in a professional association can often be an excellent source of employment information and job leads. Here is how membership in one can assist you with job hunting and your long-term career development.

Professional Association
A professional association is an organization of people with similar careers or career interests.

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