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Twitter Job Sites

Twitter job sites, Twitter job search engines, job tweets, and how to find jobs on Twitter.

Twitter Job Search Tips
When you're seeking employment, Twitter can be an effective part of your job search strategy. Used in conjunction with LinkedIn, job search engines, and other job sites, Twitter can help you make connections, find job listings, and build a personal brand that will help boost your career and expedite your job search.

Job Opportunities on Twitter
Job seekers can use Twitter to find job opportunities, market themselves to companies, showcase their skills and experience, and help land a new job. Here's how.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service utilizing instant messaging, SMS or a web interface. Twitter is open ended and people and companies use it in a variety of ways, including to job search.

TweetMyJobs is a job site site that provides users with individualized job matches. It's Here's how to get job listings by email, mobile phone and Twitter.

Follow JobAngels (@jobangels) for job listings and to help other job seekers.

Employers can post jobs for free on JobShouts (@jobshouts); those jobs are then tweeted to users on Twitter.

Download JobDeck (free) to easily search social media for job listings, track the latest job search trends, and to connect with contacts across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and more.

Tweecal searches jobs on Twitter by keyword and location.

TweetMyJobs (@tweetmyjobs) is the largest Twitter job board. It includes 6,500+ vertical job channels segmented by geography, job type, and industry.

TweetMyJOBS for Veterans
TweetMyJobs for veterans help connect veterans to jobs through specific veteran job channels on Twitter in every state and major metropolitan area in the United States.

Search for jobs listed on Twitter with TwitJobSearch.com.

Best Twitter Job Sites
Submit your favorite Twitter job site, along with the reason you think it's a worthwhile site for job seekers using Twitter.

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