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Top 5 Briefcases


A briefcase is essential to your job search. Not only will a briefcase keep your materials organized, but a quality briefcase will make a good impression on your potential employer. A nice briefcase will complete your image as professional, serious job seeker and help to insure that your job search is a successful one.

1. Wilsons Leather Laptop Dual-Pocket Briefcase

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This Wilsons Leather briefcase is a sleek briefcase that can be used to carry a laptop. With details such as a phone case, six-inch pocket, pen loops, and top handle as well as detachable shoulder strap, your necessary materials will be well organized and easily accessible. Available in black or brown, this briefcase is stylish but professional and will have a positive effect of any potential employer.
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2. McKleinUSA McKlein V Series Leather Slim Briefcase

This McKlein briefcase has a refined silhouette that can be used as a simple briefcase or as a laptop carrier. Available in a beautiful brown color, this briefcase is made out of quality leather but is available at a very affordable price, which makes it the perfect briefcase for your job search.
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3. Sandbar Briefcase Sierra Nevada Fold-Out Portfolio

This attractive briefcase by Sandbar Briefcases is truly a versatile briefcase. At an affordable price, this briefcase can be used as briefcase or a laptop carrier. With a fold-out portfolio prime for organzing materials, your potential employer will certainly notice this classic Sandbar briefcase that will complete your image as a serious, professional job seeker.
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4. Kenneth Cole Briefcases Leather Double Gusset Flapover Portfolio

This Kenneth Cole briefcase is available in quality leather that is a beautiful shade of brown. Sleek and elegant, this briefcase will has an organizer that will keep your pens, paper, business cards, and cell phone in place. Its sleek, full-grain cowhide leather that is paired with a silver finish looks elegant and professional and will impress any employer.
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5. Wilsons Leather 2 Compartment Briefcase

The Wilsons Leather 2 Compartment Briefcase is an excellent briefcase, available at a very affordable price. A great value, the briefcase is made of smooth genuine leather, and has an interior organizer with a zip pocket, a phone case, and a personal organizer with a 3-ring binder. Your materials will be perfectly organized, and the sleek and modern silhouette of this briefcase will perfect your job seeking.
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