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Snagajob Overview:

Snagajob.com is among the top part-time and hourly jobs sites. SnagAJob is the largest job site for part-time and hourly job openings with over 250,000 job listings. There are primarily job listings from major national employers, mostly retail stores and restaurants. Snagajob is the leading provider of workforce management solutions exclusively for hourly employers, and has the world’s largest online community of hourly workers.

Snagajob Search Options:

Search Snagajob by city, state, zip code, distance from a city, job category, and job title. Set up Job Alerts to have new job postings in your zip code emailed to you.
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Snagajob Create a Profile:

Register with Snagajob.com, so you can login and create a profile to apply for jobs instantly online. Also, creating a profile with enable employers to find you.
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Snagajob for Employers:

Snagajob offers comprehensive talent sourcing with multi-dimensional assessments and employment marketing solutions, as well as hiring management to handle the background check, tax screening and onboarding process.

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