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Job Interview Question: How Will Your Greatest Strength Help You Perform?


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As a follow up to being asked about your greatest strengths, you may be asked about how your greatest strength helped your performance on the job. When you respond, relate your strengths to both the job description and your ability to perform at work.

Sample Answers

My greatest strength is my ability to work with many different people. I enjoy learning from everyone I meet, and in this position I believe that will enhance my ability to perform on the team.

My greatest strength is my ability to focus on my work. I'm not easily distracted, and this means that my performance is very high, even in a busy office like this one.

My greatest strength is my ability to focus on the job at hand. I'm not easily distracted from the big picture.

My organizational skills are my greatest strength. I'm capable of keeping many projects on track at the same time.

One of my greatest strengths is my ability to manage my time well. I am able to effectively anticipate the time needed for a project, and complete on time or ahead of schedule.

My greatest strength is my ability to effectively delegate appropriate tasks to my team. I identify the strengths of the people on my team, and help them to utilize them to make the whole team work more efficiently.

My greatest strength is my listening ability. I pay careful attention to what I’m being told about everything, from specific information relating to current projects, to future projects, even to what my colleagues did over the weekend. I feel that by being a good listener, I am more effective at completing projects, as well as effectively motivating others.

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