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Holiday Thank You Cards

Send a Holiday Thank You Note


Holiday Thank You Cards

Holiday Thank You Card

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If you're looking for work or have job searched at all this year, take a few minutes to thank the people who helped with your job search. If someone has introduced to a connection who has helped give your career a boost, send a holiday thank you card.

Or, if you simply want to stay in touch with contacts, which always makes good sense, take a few minutes and send them holiday thank you cards, too.

Send a Holiday Card

Don't send an email or a LinkedIn or Facebook message or a Tweet. Rather, take the time to send an old-fashioned holiday card to everyone who has assisted. It's an inexpensive, even if you figure the postage, way to both show your appreciation to those who helped and to make a good impression.

It's worth taking the time to thank the people who have referred you to job openings, those who have given you a recommendation, and even those who have provided moral support along the way.

Sending a holiday card is a good way to stay in touch with your connections, and to let them know that you appreciate the help they have provided during the past year. Not sure what to write? Here are sample thank you letters to get you started.

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