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Five Misleading Myths About Getting a Job Through a Staffing Company

Getting a Job Through a Staffing Agency

By Cheryl Ferguson

Myth #4: Assignments only last a couple of weeks at a time at the most.
Reality: It depends upon the assignment. Assignments can last anywhere from one day, to a couple of weeks, to nine months. If you do a good job, like the company and the company is pleased with your efforts, you can be hired full-time. The beauty of working with a staffing company is that you get exposed to a variety of companies, positions and opportunities that you may never otherwise have been privy to. It’s the easiest way to find out what you like about different companies in a very short period of time. After three or four long-term assignments, you’ll have a much better idea of what you’re looking for in terms of company culture, the type of boss that you work best with, and the type of work you enjoy doing.

Myth #5: The temporary jobs available through staffing companies don’t offer benefits.
Reality: Not necessarily true. Depending on the staffing company, the varieties of benefits available to employees are just like “real” company benefits including: direct deposit, holiday, medical/dental, employee referral bonuses and 401K benefits.

Not only have staffing companies evolved into a highly professionalized industry, they offer a career entry point no one should pass up. If you find yourself unemployed and unclear about your prospects after graduation, consider a staffing company as you would your university placement center ­ you really can’t afford to pass on a resource that just might land you the job you want or at least a clearly marked path to it.

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