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Temporary Jobs and Agencies

Temporary jobs, temp agencies, temp to perm positions, placement agencies, and resources for temps.
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How to Search for a Temporary Job
The job search engines are an excellent source of temporary job listings. When you use the Advanced Search options you'll be able to search by type of position and narrow the results to include only temporary job listings in a specific location. Here's how.

Tips for Finding a Temp Job
Tips for finding a temp job, including where employers advertise job openings, how to get hired, sample interview questions, and tips for interviewing for temporary jobs.

Types of Temporary Jobs
Information on the types of temporary jobs companies hire for, plus advice and tips on how to find a temp job.

Temp Jobs
A temp job can be a way to earn extra cash, to gain experience in industries and careers you might not have otherwise thought of trying, or can even become a career.

Temp to Perm Jobs
Information on temp to perm jobs, plus advice on how to land a temp job that could turn into a permanent position.

Temporary Jobs
Interested in a temporary job? Working as a temp can be a way to earn a paycheck when you can't find a permanent position, a way to earn extra money, a path to permanent employment, and a way to get resume building experience. Here's more on temp jobs and how to find them.

Temp Job Interview Questions and Answers
Common interview questions for temporary jobs, plus sample answers for the top 10 questions you candidates are asked during an interview for a temp position.

Temporary Job Interview Tips
Interviews for temporary jobs are just as important as interviews for permanent positions. Even though you're interviewing to be a temp, it's a competitive job market and it's important to stand out from the crowd of job seekers. Here's how to ace a temp job interview.

Choosing an Employment Agency or Headhunter
How to choose an employment agency or headhunter - type of agencies, how to select a search firm or headhunter and when it makes sense to use a headhunter for help with your job search.

Cool Works is a job board for cool seasonal jobs and career opportunities. National parks, ski resorts, camps, ranches, theme parks, and other fun places list their job opportunities on Cool Works.

Getting A Job Through a Staffing Company
Staffing companies offer candidates, from administrative assistants to CEOs, the opportunity to gain access to companies in one of two ways: on a temporary or temporary ­ to­ hire basis on assignments that can last anywhere from one day to six months or longer; or on a full-time basis.

How to Make A Temp-to-Hire Job Permanent
Many employers offer temp-to-hire positions, rather than permanent jobs. Here are tips to help ensure you get a job offer after the temporary work period is up.

Tax Season Jobs
How to use the job search engines to find a tax season job.

Temporary Jobs and Unemployment Benefits
Information on how accepting a temporary or contract job will impact unemployment benefits.

Working for a Temp Agency
A Temporary Staffing Firm, also known as a Temp Agency, retains workers to send out on short or long term assignments. Companies in need of short or long term temporary workers will enter a contract with the Temp Agency to fill jobs with appropriately skilled workers.

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