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Have You Ever Had Difficulty With a Supervisor or Teacher?


Hiring managers ask about whether you have had difficulty with a supervisor or teacher in order to determine how well you work with people. Here are examples of how to respond for teenage job applicants.

Suggested Answers

I have never had difficulty with a supervisor or instructor. I've had instructors that I've gotten along with better because of personalities, but I've learned that even when I don't always fully get along with an instructor there is enough in common that I can accomplish what I have to do.

I did have an experience where I thought my new supervisor was unhappy with me. So I made a point to arrive early one day so I could talk to her in private. It turned out, she was not unhappy with me at all and she apologized if she came across that way.

While volunteering at an animal shelter, I noticed my supervisor was not doing what he was supposed to be doing and that he was actually endangering the lives of some of the animals. Right away, I wrote an email to the shelter director, explaining what I witnessed. A few days later I received an email back from the director, thanking me for bringing the matter to their attention. It turns out, they caught the supervisor's actions on tape and fired him.

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