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Job Interview Answer: What Classroom Management Structure Would You Implement?


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When you are applying for an teaching position a typical job interview question is "What type of classroom management structure would you implement if you were hired?"

You should be familiar with the school district's philosophies on classroom management and discipline. Your answer will vary depending on what grade level you are applying for, your teaching style, and your previous experience in the classroom, with respect to the policies of the district to which you are applying.

Sample answers might include redirecting the student, involving students by agreeing on a set of classroom rules together as a class, having students sign a learning contract that they help create at the beginning of the year, listening to a student in a one-on-one meeting, mediating issues between students, and involving parents in the disciplinary process.

Be sure to give personal examples of your method - and how it worked well for you:

  • In my First Grade Classroom, I implemented a system where the students were each given a clip on a chart. At each infraction, the students would move their clip along a progression of colors. The disciplines ranged from a warning, losing 1/2 recess, losing all recess, to a call home or to the principal's office. I made very few phone calls!


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