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Summer Jobs for Students

Start Your Summer Job Search Early

By Austin Lavin

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This year's summer job search has begun - and it is going to be a tough one for student job seekers. But even though early seasonal employers, such as camps and amusement parks, are already starting to hire companies still need summer help, and you can snag one of those jobs. The trick is to be early, prepared, and persistent when searching.

Summer Jobs for Students

Even during a down job market, there are employers that depend on the affordable, enthusiastic, and energetic help that teenagers provide. Think camps, amusement parks, ice cream shops, and restaurants - but be creative too. Look for work in places other than the mall and let everybody know that you are looking. You never know when a great summer job will turn up.

Students are going to face more competition this summer since there are fewer jobs, and students will face tougher competition since adults who have more work experience are now seeking jobs traditionally held by teens. But by starting their job search now, being prepared, and persistent - teens can find summer jobs.

Start Your Summer Job Search Now

Don't wait until the school year is over to begin your summer job search. Have something lined up for the summer by starting your job search now. Some seasonal employers like camps and amusement parks are already holding job fairs - and other employers are starting to post summer openings, too. Check your school's career center or guidance office, company web sites like sixflagsjobs.com, and job posting sites to start your job search.

Be Prepared to Job Search

The second key is to be prepared. While it is always essential to have a resume and cover letter when applying for a job, it is even more important for teens to bring the right credentials now since they have to prove that employers should hire them over more experienced workers. Bring a resume and a cover letter whenever you apply for a job. It shows that you are serious about the position, and that you are mature and responsible enough to handle the job.

Persistence Pays Off

And finally, persistence pays off. Nobody lands the first job they apply to and job seekers might now have to apply to 15 or 20 places before they land a job - but you cannot give up. Keep applying. You will have a better chance of finding a job with each application you fill out, and each application is practice that you will only make you better. It's also important to follow-up after you initially apply, to express your continued interest and gratitude for their consideration.

It is going to be a tough summer for student job seekers, but by starting early, being prepared, and being persistent - you will be able to find a job. There are plenty of places online to find summer job finding tips. About.com has a great summer job research section and coolworks.com has some really neat listings.

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