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Summer Jobs

Summer Job Search Tips


Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs

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Looking for a summer job? Here are some time-saving tips that will help you find a summer job fast.

Get Help. If you are a teen or a college student looking for a summer job, check with your high school Guidance Office or college Career Services Office and ask how they can assist with your summer job search.

Working Papers. In some states, if you are under eighteen, you may need to obtain working papers in order to legally be able to work. Get them now, so you will be able to start work as soon as you get the job.

Resume or Not? If you are applying via mail or email you will need to submit a resume. If you are applying in person, bring a resume if you have one. If not, be prepared to complete an application. Use our Resume Writing Guide to get going on writing a resume. If you have never written a resume, here is advice on writing your first resume. It doesn't have to be lengthy or complicated!

References Ready. Have a list of a few references ready to give to interviewers. Baby-sitting and volunteer references are fine, if you haven't worked before.

Summer Job Sites. There are a variety of sites that list summer job openings. Search the job banks that focus on summer jobs and summer camp jobs. Search the part-time job sites too.

Hit the Road. Interested in working at a local amusement park, beach or park or at a retail store in town or at the mall? One of the best ways to find this type of summer job is by applying in person. So, plan on spending some time visiting potential job sites and filling out applications.

Check the Newspaper. Don't forget to check the the Help Wanted ads in your newspaper and in small local papers like The Pennysaver.

Networking Works. Networking isn't just for full-time employment. Tell everyone you know you are looking for a summer job, you never know who might be able to help you out.

Dress Appropriately. Make sure you dress appropriately, are ready to complete an application, and are prepared for an on-the-spot interview:

  • Dress should be neat and tidy. Business casual (khakis and a collared shirt) is usually appropriate.
  • Make sure your hair and fingernails are well groomed.
  • Wear moderate shoes.
  • Bring the information you need to complete an application, along with a pen and pad of paper for notes.

Don't Wait. Summer jobs often get filled fast, so getting going on your job search! On the other hand, college students often leave their summer job early to go back to school. So, if you have gotten a late start on your summer, you still may be able to find a job for the latter part of the season.


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