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Golf Caddy Cover Letter Example


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Summer Golf Caddy Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager,

I would like to express my strong interest in the golf caddy position you listed on golfjobs.com. You state that you require someone with knowledge of the sport and experience in customer service. I have extensive experience in both of these areas, and know that I would be an ideal candidate for the position.

I have been playing golf for the past ten years. I am currently team captain for my high school golf team, and have achieved numerous successes on the team; I have placed in the top five for my district the past three years, and have performed at a number of national championships. I also have experience coaching others in golf; I run a clinic for young golfers, and assist my teammates who are struggling with particular skills. As a caddy, I would be extremely comfortable on the course, and would be able to answer any of the club members’ golf-related questions.

I also have extensive customer service experience. As a waiter, I interact with a variety of people of all ages and backgrounds. When a customer is upset about an aspect of his dining experience, I am always there to assist him with a smile on my face. As a cashier, I even received multiple Employee-of-the-Month awards for my excellent customer service. I know that this experience will allow me to provide a friendly and enjoyable experience for all club members.

I am confident that my golf knowledge and customer service abilities would make me an excellent golf caddy for the East Longmeadow Golf Club.

I have enclosed my resume to provide you with further details on my experience. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


Luka Visjnic
1002 Riverside Dr.
Springfield, MA 01115
Home 413-045-5567
Cell 422-679-8820
Email l.visjnic@email.com

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