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What to Wear to a Summer Job Interview


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Female Summer Interview Attire
What to Wear to a Summer Job Interview

Summer Interview Attire for Females

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Young women should wear nice pants (khakis or dress pants) and a blouse. Dresses and skirts are also appropriate and will help keep you cool, but they should be knee-length. The outfit should be free of wrinkles and any rips or holes.

It is ok to wear a sleeveless blouse, but the shoulder-width should be at least one inch; avoid spaghetti straps or tops that show your bra straps. Also avoid blouses that are too tight or low-cut.

Some employers, especially in resort communities or for jobs at parks and amusement parks, will allow you to wear shorts, particularly khaki or linen shorts. However, unless you are absolutely certain the employer will not mind you wearing shorts, stick with pants, a dress, or skirt.

Accessories: Keep accessories in moderation: limit your perfume, makeup, and jewelry. This is especially important in the summer; if you sweat, you will not have to worry about your makeup running and you will not be sweating off all your perfume!

Shoes: Wear closed-toe shoes that are not sneakers; heels are fine as long as they are not very high.

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